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Enjoy this selection of Vampire Themed Reads!

Drop Of Blood by Laura Greenwood
My Own Human Duology by Arizona Tape
No Stakes Allowed by Laura Greenwood
Bound by Sorcery Sample by Antara Mann
The Awakening by Mary Abshire
Rebel Vampires: The Complete Series by Rosemary A Johns
A Vampire's Soul by Anna Catherine Field
Rose by Jewels Arthur
Sanctified by Uncanny Kingdom
Blood Gods by Rosemary A Johns by Rosemary A Johns
Blood & Holy Water by Joynell Schultz
First Fruits by Amanda Carney
All the Teacher's Bad Boys by N.J. Adel
Her Vampire Prince by Ines Johnson
Kingdom of Embers by Tricia Copeland
Virgin Mate ARC copy by Tia Didmon
Midnight Sun by Laurel Night
Once Bitten by Tina Glasneck
The Revenge of the Fallen by Elisabeth Martin
Waking Darkness by Laney Powell
Dante's Desire by Tia Didmon
Prince of Midnight by Ana Calin
Emergence by Mysti Parker
The Girl Behind The Wall by Martha Carr
Paranormal Nonsense by steve higgs
Blood Knot by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Circle of Blood Book One: Lover's Rebirth by R. A. Steffan
All the Teacher's Prisoners by N.J. Adel
Blood Bound by Becca Blake
Blood Moon Magic by Ashley McLeo
Sorceress Awakening by Lisa Blackwood
Heart of Malice (Alice Worth Book 1) by Lisa Edmonds
Carnage: Supernatural Inmates Book One by Imani L. Hawkins
The Deadly Stripper by Mary Abshire
Forbidden Vampire Mate by Laura Greenwood
Jordane's Hunger by Tia Didmon
Penta Ka Wa: The Dark Gift by Trevor Jones
The Angels of Sojourn Novella Box Set by Joynell Schultz
Birth of the Bacchae by Stephanie Mirro
Taste: Kingdom of Blood and Ash 1 by Derek Murphy
Fanged Fae Series by Ashley McLeo
Redeemer of Shadows by Michelle M. Pillow
Revelations by Kate Bonham
The Devil's Fool by Rachel McClellan
Angels Of The Fallen: Lucifer by P.T. Macias
Immortal Oath by Corinne O'Flynn
Running Out of Time : The Disease by Elisabeth Martin
Welcome to the Neighborhood by Mary Abshire
Arc For the Blood by Debbie Cassidy
Vampire Lover (ARC purposes) by C.D. Gorri
Deception by Stacy Claflin
Vampire Devil by Rosemary A Johns by Rosemary A Johns
Vampire Deception by Drake Mason
Indebted To The Vampires by Lilly Wilder
Blood Curse by Adrienne Blake
Fangs For Nothing by Arizona Tape
Demon Hunter by Mary Abshire
Shattered Illusions by Laura Greenwood
Hidden Magic by Joynell Schultz
Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night by Laura Greenwood
A Mother's love by Sean Deville
All the Teacher's Beasts by N.J. Adel
Claiming the Evil Dead by Mary Abshire
Captive Monster: Blood Moon Academy Book 1 by Demi Dumond
Vampires Don't Babysit by Candice Gilmer
Dark Innocence by Erika Phillips
Vampire Seduction by Celia Kyle
Crisis Alert (Divine Justice, 3) by Mary Abshire
Love Bitten by Sabrina C Rose
A Ghost of a Chance by Debbie Cassidy
The Jaded Hunter by Michelle M. Pillow
A Hunter Within by Anna Applegate
New Orleans Magic by J.L. Hendricks
Wolf's Heart by Lynn Nodima
Crimson Thirst by Derek Shupert
Tainted Hunter by Derek Shupert