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Unmasked by Maria Dean
Child's Heaven by Lorna Michael's
The Stray by Angeline Trevena
Valkyrie by Lux Miller
Suicide High by Corinne O'Flynn
Reality Bites by Debbie Mumford
Shifters Hunt Prequel by Selina Woods
Royal Blood by Selena Scott
Bound by Sorcery Sample by Antara Mann
Shifter's Eden by Tia Didmon
The Case Of The Puppy Academy by Arizona Tape
Scale of Betrayal (Diablo Falls #2) by Fiona Starr
Bad Magic by C. Gockel
Midwinter by Author Chad Schimke
A Fistful of Evil by Rebecca Chastain
Harlem Hex by Thomas Green
Alpha Wolf Defender by Emilia Hartley
Unlucky Charm by Kimberly Gordon
Shiftless by Aimee Easterling
Sacred Desires by Joanna Mazurkiewicz
Trapped by Carmen Fox
Vampire King (Adult Fairy Tale, Cinderella #1) by Joanna Mazurkiewicz
Hunter's Passion by Tia Didmon
Love Bitten by Sabrina C Rose
Twin Shift by Tia Didmon
Dr. Feel Good by Ellen Lane
Haunted by You by Liza Jonathan
A Thousand Faces by Megan Walker and Janci Patterson
PREVIEW of The Gilweean Gateway (A Fantasy Adventure Book 2) by R.A. Lindo
Pulse (Pulse Vampires Series 1) Sneak Preview by Kailin Gow
Unmarked by Ivy Baum
Her Alpha Protector: A Paranormal Werewolf Romance by Alicia Banks
Star Crossed by C. Gockel
Vicky vs: Spriggan by Arthur King
The Next God by MB Mooney
The Prelude by Sammie Joyce
Maidens Wolf by Lisa Blackwood
Double Take by Alyssa Turner
Her Biker Twins by Lilly Wilder
The Escape by Deals on Romance
The Chronicles of Blood and Stone by L.L. Hunter
Blood Payment by Laura Greenwood
Royal Dragon Bind: Royal Dragon Shifters of Morocco #1 by Ava Ward
Fresh Skin by Christina Hart
Beth's Acceptance by Tracy Cooper-Posey
The Crown of Myth (Preview) by Mira Crest
The Crimson Inkwell: A Gaslamp Trinkets novel by Kenneth A. Baldwin
Behind the Veil: Beauty and the Daemon by LaSasha Flame by LaSasha Flame
Dragon's Mate by Brittany White
Hades' Goddess by Mila Young
Alpha's Command by Deals on Romance
Dante Desire Prev by Tia Didmon
Blade's Destiny by Lisa Blackwood
Radiance by Renee Carr
Fierce Heartbreaker by Liza Street
Ten Minutes Past Teatime by Elizabeth Chatsworth
Foundational Vampire Studies by L.C. Mawson
Dawn of the Sorceress by Lisa Blackwood
Cedric the Demonic Knight by Valerie Willis
Witch's Sorrow by Taylor Aston White
Power of Two by Jessa Storm
Deception: A Dark Deception Prequel by Imani L. Hawkins
Glass Heart by Laura Greenwood
Sample: Hexes and Vexes by Laura Greenwood
Mated to the Enforcer (Sample) by Georgette St. Clair
Enchant: Beauty and the Beast Retold by Demelza Carlton
Dark Queen by M.A. Roth
The Rise of the Ameedis: A Fantasy Prequel (Kaira Renn Series) by R.A. Lindo
Spark by Luna Joya
Soul Mates Book 1 (Preview) by Mira Crest
The Magician's Sire: A Paranormal Romance by Linda G. Hill
Daddy Wolves of the Wild Prequel by Serena Meadows
Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: A Study In Mischief (A Lily Singer Adventures Novella) by Lydia Sherrer
The Magician's Daughter Book 1 by Lilly James
Chased by Darkness steamy excerpt by Taylor Spratt
AetherBorn by A.N. Sage
King of the Unblessed by Michelle M. Pillow
Apollo's Desire Short Story by Mila Young
Incubus Caged by A. H. Lee
Escaping from the Vampire Rogue by Sabrina C Rose
How to Be A Necromancer : The Complete Series by Graceley Knox
Rebirth (Land of Shifters Book One) Preview by Mira Crest
Haunted Games & Brimstone by JN Colon
The Torn Fairy: New Adult Fantasy Romance (Preview) by Mira Crest
Black Heart: A Demon Paranormal Romance by K.L. Rymer
Mated to the Capo (Sample) by Georgette St. Clair
Mermaid's Destiny (Preview) by Mira Crest
Deadly Secrets The Shadow (Billionaire Shape-Shifter Romance Series Book 1) by Alice Jamison
Under a Blue Moon by steve higgs
Marked by Love by Rosalie Redd
The Silent Princess by Mira Crest
Choices: A Paranormal Romance Story by Nikki Bella
Night Bites by Atlas Rose
Mates by Jessica Lynch
Half-Blood Mage Chapters 1-5 by Ginger Li
Enchanted Destiny by Rayka Mennen
First Hunt by Alexis Calder
Conquered Brides by Naomi Sparks
Chaser by Brittany White
Vampire Worshippers (Preview) by Mira Crest
Mated to the Prince by Georgette St. Clair
The Alpha Heist by Kate Rudolph
Conversations with an Angel by Kevin Klehr
Gifted Lance by Brittany White
Dark Vortex by Stella Marie Alden
Wolves: I Bring the Fire Part I (A Loki Series) by C. Gockel
Primed for sin (Book 1) by Eliana Velers
Bad Boy Bear by Keri Hudson
The Witch Born to be Fire Queen by Tanya Milne
Lullaby Preview by L. R. W. Lee
Amber by Mia Harlan
Off Leash by Daniel Potter
Hush Hush by Joanna Mazurkiewicz
Hemlock and Hedge by Ruby Loren
The Jinni's Wish by D.A. Henneman
Valkyrie 101 by Arizona Tape
The Senator by Kim Faulks
Magic's Not Real by J.L. Hendricks
Twisted Fate by Joanna Mazurkiewicz
Preview of The Sign of the Symean (A Fantasy Adventure Book One) by R.A. Lindo
Scream of Death by L.J. Rivers
All the Teacher's Beasts by N.J. Adel
The Angel of Tarut by Andrew Dobell
Meow by Skye MacKinnon
Ruined King by L.A. McGinnis
Forgiveness by Celeste Raye
Ugly by Laxmi
Sons of the Alpha - PREQUELS by Addison Carmichael
A Bear's Treasure by Brittany White
Tina Glasneck 4-Story Starter Pack (Fantasy, PNR, UF Stories) by Tina Glasneck
Reign Drops by C Patt
Before The Fire by Lisa Manifold
Gods & Mortals by C. Gockel
Fae of Light and Shadow by E. Hall
All the Teacher's Bad Boys by N.J. Adel