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A New Kind of Zeal by Michelle Warren
Beast Out Of Hell by Camilla Ochlan & Bonita Gutierrez
Persistence of Frost: A Study In Magic Short by Chris Kim
The Final Five by Carissa Andrews
Deathday by Uncanny Kingdom
The Rifters by M, Pax
Beginner's Luck by Suneé le Roux
Lost Kingdom by J.H. Marcus
Spirit Dance by Douglas Smith
Tressa's Treasures by Belinda M Gordon
The Rise of the Ameedis (A Fantasy Prequel) by R.A. Lindo
The Voice Of The Voiceless by S. A. Tedman
Under the Stone Paw by Theresa Crater
Exorcising Aaron Nguyen by Lauren Harris
Cesar: A Dark Paranormal Romance Novel (The Demon Lover by Julian M. Coleman
Girl of Glass by Megan O'Russell
Cat Me If You Can by Gemma Thorne
Shattered Illusions by Laura Greenwood
Urban Mythic: 12 Novels of Adventure and Romance, featuring Norse and Greek Gods, Demons and Djinn, Angels, Fairies, Vampires, and Werewolves in the Modern World by C. Gockel
Mage's Apprentice by Sean Fletcher
Rising: A Second Death Supernatural Story by Brian Rella
Strange Start by Gayle Katz
Santa Claus: Private Detective by Rebecca M. Senese
Rebirth by Valerie Willis
The Bazaar by Jen Ponce
The Prince Of Abaddon by John Magister
Code of Rainbow by Weiqi Wang
Releasing A Vampire by Jacky Dahlhaus
The Tenth House by Ashley R Scott
Queen of Swords by L.A. McGinnis
Freya Snow Pup Trilogy by L.C. Mawson
The Charm Runner by Jamie Davis
Fake Angels by Matthew Angelo
Inborn Magic by Kim McDougall
Death's Reckless Reaper by Ruby Loren
The Shadow Rises by K.S. Marsden
Extreme Medical Services by Jamie Davis
THE GUARDIAN by Rob Radcliffe
Flatline by SA Magnusson
Accidental Wizard by Stefan Lear
Fae Kissed by D.D. Miers
The Next God by MB Mooney
The Ages Of Merlin: Origins by C. Duncan Stewart
Midwinter by Author Chad Schimke
Demon Hunt by Thomas Green
Tangle of Thornes by Lorel Clayton
Kindling by Skye Malone
Dark Descent by Imani L. Hawkins