Searching for your next favorite story?


Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new fantasy books.

Frost by Zimbell House Publishing, et al.
The Arrival by Nicole MacDonald
Eve 2.0: The Ultimate Gaming Experience by Winter Lawrence
Gift of Shadows by Amir Lane
Heir to the Crown Box Set 1 by Paul J Bennett
Dragon Rift by Eileen Mueller
Destiny Awaits by Nicole Coverdale
The Atlantis Song by M.S. Kaminsky
Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night by Laura Greenwood
The Seer by Tatenda Creed
Cat Me If You Can by Gemma Thorne
Wizardoms: Eye of Obscurance by Jeffrey L. Kohanek
A WARLOCK'S KISS by Marie-Claude Bourque
Dawn of the Fae by E. Menozzi
Progenie: Scions of Darkness, Book 1 by Mack Little
Apollo Is Mine by Mila Young
The Holly & the Ivy by J. A. Clement
Disciples of Trikaal by Varun Sayal
Wolf's Man by Lynn Nodima
The Rebellious Sister by Michael Anderle
Obscurely Obvious: A Collection of Fantasy Short Stories by Robin Lythgoe
Bullets for the Dead by Melissa Marr
Chosen: Book 1 by Katrina Cope
Hot Wolves by Lilly Wilder
Servant of the Crown by Paul J Bennett
The Sundered Crown Saga: (Books 1-3) by M.S. Olney
Realm of Beasts by Angela J. Ford
New Orleans Magic by J.L. Hendricks
Clarity (The Divine Potentials Book 1) by Ethan Stein
Prophecy of Magic by Nikki Landis
The Atlantis Twins - ARC REVIEW by M.S. Kaminsky
Plagueborne by Mitchell Lüthi
Quest by A.J. Ponder
Future Apocalypse by Barbara J .Gilbert
Seratis Daughter of the Sun by N.J. Adel
Rift in the Deep by Janelle Garrett
A Forbidden Friendship by K.M. Jenkins
Bonds of Friendship by K.M. Jenkins
Holly, Forgotten by J. A. Clement
The Knight's Secret by Jeffrey Bardwell
Fire & Ice by Laura Greenwood
The Bargain: A Short Story by Clara C. Johnson
The Queen of Cursed Things: A Preview by S.M. Gaither
Finders Weepers by Belinda White
The Case Of The Night Mark by Arizona Tape
Seratis War of the Gods by N.J. Adel
A Different Kind of War by Mary Abshire
Dawn of the Sorceress by Lisa Blackwood
First Queen of the Gryphons by Lisa Blackwood
Rogue Start Box Set 1 by Elin Wyn
Red Planet Dragons of Tajss (Book Zero) by Miranda Martin
AN ARCHMAGE'S DESTINY by Marie-Claude Bourque
Blaze by Krista D. Ball
One Loan Soul by L.B. Carter
The Realm of Lost Souls by R.M. Gauthier
Clock's Watch II: Daughters of the Black Moon by Michael Reyes
The Lost Archangels: Prequel + Book 1& 2 by Tatenda Creed
Demon's Daughter by Amy Braun
The Bow of Destiny by P. H. Solomon
The Alpha Dragon's Secret by Brittany White
Black Magic Voodoo by Nikki Landis
Freeing Fortune by Jennifer Sanders
Creatures of the Night School: Return to Sender by M. Telsch-Williams
Scorched by Lizzy Prince
Ezaara by Eileen Mueller
Phoenix by Jessica Wayne
Oathbreaker by Aaron Hodges
Sold to the Alien Pirate by Maia Tanith
Ula: Born of Shadows by J.R. Erickson
Dragon Slayer: Drakon Academy Year One by Harper Ash
Conquered World Series (Books 1 - 3): Vrehx, Axtin and Tu'ver by Elin Wyn
Cursed Magic by Antara Mann
Fire Eyes Awakened by R.J. Batla
Reyanna's Prophecy by Whit McClendon
GREY by Kade Cook
Priestess of Ishana by Judith Starkston
The Savage King (Lords of the Var 1) by Michelle M. Pillow
Sorcery in Alpara by Judith Starkston
Spirit Hunger by Ella J. Smyth
Bound by Sorcery Sample by Antara Mann
The Alpha Dragon's Mate by Brittany White
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal by Weiqi Wang
Angels of Perdition by R.M. Garino
Embrace of the Shade by Amanda Muratoff & Kayla Mansur
Proven by H.M.Clarke
The Beginning by Lilliana Lord
Miss Claus and the Secret Santa by J.L. Hendricks
Haunted Wolf by Nikki Landis
Bound By Air by C.D. Gorri
Holly Awakened by J. A. Clement
The Witch Born to Ignite (Chapter One) by Tanya Milne
Hand of Justice Boxed Set (Books 1 - 4) by Michael Anderle
Wings of Time and Fate by Isla Wynter
Asylum by Jessica Lynch
Northern Knights by Todd Matthews
The Traveler Chimera Rebellion by Shannon Nemechek
Almost Dead by Rae Hendricks
War of the Gypsy: The Sword of Rhiannon: Book Two by Melissa E. Beckwith
Ashes: A Sword & Sorcery Novel by Paul J Bennett
Revelation by T.K. Eldridge
The Alpha Dragon's Bond by Brittany White
Mëira's Prince by K.M. Jenkins
Infernal Curse (The Half-Goddess Chronicles) by Antara Mann
Blood of the Key by Amanda Muratoff & Kayla Mansur
A Blade's Beginning by Lisa Blackwood
Lost Archangels Prequel & Book 1 by Tatenda Creed
Catching A Vampire by Laura Greenwood
A Bird in the Hand by Douglas Smith
Chace Ogden and the Golden Golem by Trevor Darby
Ahab's Daughter by Ron Vitale
The Seeds of Dissolution by William C. Tracy
Catching An Evil Tail (Soul Catcher, 2) by Mary Abshire
Liars for Magic by Chris Kim
The Gates of Golorath by R.M. Garino
Stalk the Moon by Jessica Lynch
Prophecy by A.J. Ponder
Demons of Time by Varun Sayal
Twisted Magic 1 by Jo Ho
An Arrow Against the Wind by P. H. Solomon
The All-Seeing Eye by Rae Else
Legend of the White Magician by O.J. Lewis
Ash and Ember by Lizzy Prince
Every Planet Has a Godschurch by Russell Nohelty
Crisis Alert (Divine Justice, 3) by Mary Abshire
Hell's Belles: Book 1 by Alison Claire
All Too Familiar by Belinda White
Code of Rainbow: Ancient Barons and the Returned Assassin (Book 2) by Weiqi Wang
Slave to the Alien Prince by Maia Tanith
Welcome to Qurilixen: Qurilixen World - First in Series 6 Book Box Set by Michelle M. Pillow
Dragon Hero by Eileen Mueller
Cursed By The Crown by Hanleigh Bradley
Force Majeure by Jennifer Sanders
Tree of Bone and Mist: The Sword of Rhiannon Series: Book One by Melissa E. Beckwith
A Ritual of Fire by J.L. Hendricks
Tuning the Symphony by William C. Tracy
Love Potions by Michelle M. Pillow
The Gold by Krista Wagner
Scion of the Sorceress by Lisa Blackwood
Lost Angels by Tatenda Creed
Bonds of Betrayal by K.M. Jenkins
Born to Darkness by Autumn M. Birt
A Thief & a Gentlewoman - Sample by Clare Sager
Target by L.C. Mawson
Ancient Voices: Into the Depths by Allison D. Reid
The Five Hive Plateau by William C. Tracy
Bronze Dragon, A Riders of Fire prequel novelette by Eileen Mueller
Mated to the Alien Warrior by Maia Tanith
The White Arrow by P. H. Solomon
Through Titan's Trail by Austin Dragon
Everlastingly by Michelle M. Pillow
Witch of the Federation by Michael Anderle
Magic Born by Caethes Faron
The Trials of Hercules by Tammie Painter
Angel Revelation by Mary Abshire
Gaia School of Awakening by Zimbell House Publishing, et al.
Prophecy of Magic: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection by Alyssa Drake
Hunters by Matt Mememaro
Justicar Jhee and the Cursed Abbey by Trevol Swift
A NECROMANCER'S LOVE by Marie-Claude Bourque
Beginnings by Patty Jansen
Mageborn by Dayne Edmondson
A Sprig of Holly by J. A. Clement
Dragon Fae Prophecy by Caethes Faron
Toric's Dagger by Jamie Edmundson
The Light in the Darkness: A Fae Urban Fantasy Novel by Autumn M. Birt
Clarity - An Ascent to Madness by Ethan Stein
Return of the Grail King by Theresa Crater
Bound By Blood by Tiffany Shand
INSTINCT by Hanleigh Bradley
The Wiglaff Tales by E. W. Farnsworth
Spindles And Spells by Laura Greenwood
The Buried Symbol by Jeffrey L. Kohanek
Specters in the Storm by Pauline Baird Jones
All the Teacher's Beasts by N.J. Adel
Blood Harvest by Russ Linton
Tales of the Feisty Druid Omnibus (Books 1-7) by Michael Anderle
The Hope for Dragonhold by M. M. Wedin
Eve of the Fae by E. Menozzi
It's Our Time by Zimbell House Publishing, et al.
Born of Water: Elemental Magic & Epic Fantasy Adventure by Autumn M. Birt
Katrina Hates the Apocalypse by Russell Nohelty
Sword of Stone: The Sword of Rhiannon: Book Three by Melissa E. Beckwith