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Channeled Writing Tips from 111 Literary Masters by Julie Bawden-Davis
Writing Day In and Day Out: Living a Practice of Words by Andi Cumbo-Floyd
Get Your Ish Together! by L.M. Bennett
All's Well That Ends by Tina Jones Williams
The Friendship Key to Lasting Peace, United Communities, Stronger Relationships, Equality, and a Better Job! by Winfried Sedhoff
Your Rebel Dreams - First Chapters by Tikiri Herath
Happier at Work by Penny Castle
Stealing Home by Ron Seybold
The Happy Commuter by Melissa Addey
Freedom over Anxiety by Christopher Moss
13 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Don't Do by Catherine R Booth
Practical Wisdoms @ Work by Lynn M. Whitbeck
Expecting the Good: Inspiration from a Badass with a Big Heart by Brigitte Cutshall
Good Writing is Like Good Sex: Sort of Sexy Thoughts on Writing by C. S. Johnson
Invent, Innovate & Prosper by Michael G. Colburn
Autism Goes to School by Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell
Discover Your Gift by Steve Sample