Searching for your next favorite Mystery & Suspense / Sci-Fi & Fantasy story?

Try these short stories and novellas. What you'll find here are stories that possibly include futurist technology, time slip happenings, hocus pocus, paranormal weirdness, or steampunk oddities.

From Time to Time [short story] by Ellison Blackburn
Human Error by Stephanie Bretherton
The Judgment of Osiris -- Short Story by Theresa Crater
Flight of the Mariner: A Short Story by Zachariah Wahrer
Utopia Gone: A Short Story by Zachariah Wahrer
The Secret Diary of Helen Blackstone by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
Origin of an Oracle by the author
Time-Out (A Short Story) by Dean C. Moore
A Ton Of Feathers by L.C. Kincaide
Hibernaculum by Kim McDougall
Sacrifice of the Sinners by Lindsey Fairleigh
Dark Ride: A Novella by P.G. Kassel
Argony: A sci-fi short story by John Akers
Ziegfeld Zaggar, Quantum Detective: the Shroud of the Basternicks by Greg Montego
The Meeting At Bishop's Rest by Erick Mertz
Macabre Morsels by Jeff Dosser
Barry's Tale by Lawrence M. Schoen
Adrift by Emma Shelford
The Sentience of a Stone by Amanda Twigg
Race by Belinda Crawford
Dear Father by Carol Buhler
Blue Arrow by Stan C. Smith
Serpent by Trish Heinrich
Bermuda by Robert Enright
The Waystation (A Fantasy Short Story) by Ross Hughes
Kirev's Door (A Quentin Black Mystery Prequel) by JC Andrijeski
Toybox (Novella) by CF WELBURN
Breach by Bronwyn Leroux
The Gender Lottery: A Short Story by William Oday
The Central Tokyo Ghost Hunter's Club by John Paul Catton