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Look no further! These authors have teamed up to offer a varied selection of books. Available for free for a limited time.

Murphy's Star by C. Gockel
The Witch Born to Ignite (Chapter One) by Tanya Milne
Operation Catskill by J.R. Mabry
Deliverance at Van Demon's Deep by S. P. Stevens
Toonopolis: Gemini (Preview) by Jeremy Rodden
Mirror Image by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
Excerpt from A Dead Wizard's Dream by Ross Hughes
Stormbreather by Arthur King
Magic Man by Lisa King
The Alley of Secrets by Wes Grandmont III
Betrayal's Price by Lisa Blackwood
Servant of the Crown by Paul J Bennett
The Awakening by Mary Abshire
Roguelike by Paul Bellow
The Monitor by Paul Heingarten
Self Aware: A Sci-Fi Book about A.I. by Matt Martinez
Dark Gods 1: Take the body by Arthur King
The Hatching by Liesel K. Hill
Searching (A Prequel Novel to The Starlight Chronicles) by C. S. Johnson
Stand Firm by Daniel Gibbs
Anti Life by Allen Kuzara
The Boulders and the Buffalos (A Fantasy Short Story) by Ross Hughes
Dr. Chum & the Taoist Terror by David S. Wellhauser
Black by R.J. Batla
The Dark Sacrifice (Sample) by Jay Bower
Nightmare Plague by Thomas Green
Matryoschka: Causality is Optional by Terry Gene
Selenography by George Saoulidis
The First Fear (Sample) by M.S. Olney
Mermaid's Destiny (Preview) by Mira Crest
If There Be Giants [preview] by Ellison Blackburn
Chopped by L.B. Carter
Shipborn by Nicholas Woode-Smith
VERTIGO (sample) by Wesley Cross
The Thing in the Pool by Carol James Marshall
Emergence by Dayne Edmondson
The Werewolf Whisperer by Camilla Ochlan & Bonita Gutierrez
No Fanfare by Stuart J. Whitmore
Brothers in Exile by Joe Vasicek
Invaded Preview by Jennifer M. Eaton
The Pilgrim by H.G. Chambers
The Selection (Sample) by Jason J. Nugent
Warden Fall by Jennifer M. Eaton
Strange Start by Gayle Katz
A Fistful of Evil by Rebecca Chastain
The Final Five by Carissa Andrews
Persistence of Vision by Liesel K. Hill
Elvish by S.G. Prince
Gift of Glass and Other Short Stories by Kay L Moody
Demons of Time (Ten Percent Sample) by Varun Sayal
Whispers in the Code by Stephanie and Isaac Flint
The Demon Bunny of Ipswich by J.R. Mabry
Race by Belinda Crawford
Star Rebels by C. Gockel
The Voice Of The Voiceless by S. A. Tedman
William's War by Robert McDermott
Flash Back [preview] by Ellison Blackburn
Sanctuary's Aggression by Maira Dawn
Part-Time Monster Hunter by Nicholas Woode-Smith
Waterborn: A Bloodline Novella by Scott Woodley
Descendants by Rae Else
The Bard's Mission by Amber Morant
Roots by Noah Elowyn
A Matter of Scale by Jonathon Burgess
The G Crisis by Jason Winn
Birth of the Bacchae Excerpt by Stephanie Mirro
Sacrament by Jim Miesner
Flight of the Raven (A The Sword of Rhiannon Prequel) by Melissa E. Beckwith
Cicada Summer by Jeff Dosser
Signs of Portents by Lou Paduano
The Witch Born to be Fire Queen by Tanya Milne
The Five Hive Plateau by William C. Tracy
Earth Seven by Steve M
World-Crossed Lovers by Bill Hiatt
The Crown of Myth (Preview) by Mira Crest
The Sentience of a Stone by Amanda Twigg
Serpent by Trish Heinrich
Freshman Sidekick: Origins by Ron Tucker
Black Candle by H.P. Bayne
The Girl: A Sanctuary's Aggression Novelette by Maira Dawn
Preloaded (Installed Intelligence Prequel Collection) by Phoenix Ward
Astray by J F Rogers
Lightwave: Nexus Station by AM Scott
Striking Out by Jamie Edmundson
Trajectory by Carissa Andrews
The Formula by Don Viecelli
Song of Shadows by Sylvia Mercedes
Impact by Michael Herman
Fortress Pentagon by Jason Winn
Neverland by Jeff Dosser
Demon Hunt by Thomas Green
The Truth About the Wolf & Little Red by Stephanie Mirro
Bermuda by Robert Enright
Shields in Shadow Sneak Preview by Andy Peloquin
Young Aina by Ned Marcus
The Heisenberg Corollary (Preview) by C. H. Duryea
She Died in My Arms by Ono Ekeh
Under the Stone Paw by Theresa Crater
Run from Ruin by Allen Kuzara
Illiya by J J Mathews
The Griffin: A Magian Short Story by MJ McGriff
Exiles by Jay A Toney
Em's Gator Club by Alia Hess
Rotten Magic by Jeffrey Bardwell
Bound by Sorcery Sample by Antara Mann
The Next God by MB Mooney
Maidens Wolf by Lisa Blackwood
Demon Quest: A Stillwater Short Novel by Craig Askham
The Wombanditos by Andrew Einspruch
Code of Rainbow by Weiqi Wang
Curse of the Drakku: Origins by Jason J. Nugent
Magic of the Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain
Trials of Magic (The Hundred Halls Vol.1) by Thomas K. Carpenter