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True Blue Detective by Vito Zuppardo
Tupelo Gypsy by Vito Zuppardo
Promotions & Poisons by Laina Turner
The Stolen Mother by DL Fitz
No More Heroes by Roo I MacLeod
Operation Snowdrop by Michelle Medhat
The Chocolate Killer by Michael Saunders
Forged in Flames by David Beckler
The Last Lies by C.C. Jameson
She's Gone! by Lorena May
Permanent Position: A Doctor Rowena Halley Novel by Sid Stark
Summer Session: A Doctor Rowena Halley Short by Sid Stark
Harvested by Troy Lambert
The Psychopath's Prisoner by Darla Lark
Murder on the East China Sea by Mark Wm Smith
Merlot and Murder by Sandra Woffington
The Reluctant Coroner by Paul Austin Ardoin
Assassin Hunter by Drew Briney
Man of God by Gregg Bell
The Jungle by John Lantigua
Up Up and A Slay by Mona Marple
Hong Kong Dangerous: A C.T. Ferguson Prequel Novella by Tom Fowler
Killer Cocktail by steve higgs
Lioness by Steve M
Fire Setters by Debra Erfert
Good Investigations by Ben Westerham
The Lost Son by Stewart Matthews
Tidal Wave by David Berens
Havana Fury by David Berens
The Botanist by L.K. Hill
Goose by Jackson Riggs
Moonlight Falls (A Dick Moonlight PI Series Book 1) by Vincent Zandri