Meet the Strongest Women in Fiction


These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful collection of clean romance books highlighting strong female protagonists. We hope you enjoy the adventures of these inspiring women!

The Duke's Christmas Agreement by Lenora Levon
Links of Betrayal by Dean Bromley
Directing Zac by Tracey Cramer-Kelly
True love by Betty Blue
Lesson for Two by Christina Butrum
Dawn of the Fae by E. Menozzi
A Bride for James by Pauline Creeden
Love Again at the Heart of Main Street by Meg Easton
Disarray: Book 1 by Jessie Cal
Always You, Always Us by Savannah Carey
Right with You by Ellen Joy
Sweet on Christmas by Gabby Reed/Gabby Sweet
The Potter's House Books 3, 10, 17: Love, faith, redemption, and second chances by Alexa Verde
Holly's Gift by Josie Riviera
Life's Forever Changed by Anne Stone
The Star Family by Theresa Crater
Autism Goes to School by Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell
Backward Blessings by Rachel A. Andersen
Intimate Strangers by Lasairiona E McMaster
Forbidden Feelings: A Historical Western Romance by Bell Thompson
Meant for Me by Lyn Cote
Saved by Her Protector by Genevieve Goodwin
David: Her Cowboy by Autumn Macarthur
The Promotion by Laura Domino
Girl and the Ghost by Ebony McKenna
Curveball by Jordan Ford
The Orphaned Daughters by Lana Nolan
Laura by Jean Jacobsen
Unexpected meeting by Soya Nano