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A Stranger Like You by Milan Watson
Before Twelve by Robin Edwards
Loved By The Alpha Leader by Anastasia Chase
Hitched by Teagan Kade
BLACKMAIL - preview chapters by Chloe Fischer
Hardened by Athena Braveheart
SAMPLE Amara's Calling: A Billionaire's Club Novel by C. L. Donley
Only in Time by Kelli McCracken
Love Through a Lens by Lucy Felthouse
Midnight Heat by Jordyn White
Dancing With the Devil by Patricia M Jackson
LOSING IT by Scarlet Wilder
The Rescuer by Eric Huffbind
The Sweetest Revenge by Sage Rae
Professed Love by Kenna Shaw Reed
Working Vacation by Annabelle Love
Love at Last by Kate Kisset
A Study Of Love by Amy Sanderlin
Diary of an Ageing Sexual Adolescent by Angelina Kennedy
COOPER by Tara Brent
Pool Girl by Ried Reese
The Billionaire Bachelor by Ruby City Books
Faithless by Dylan Heart
Possessive Daddy by Amy Brent
Next Door Temptation by Julia Imari
Her Dilemma by Zaphira D. Gheorge
Needing You: A Friends to Lovers Romance (Book 2)-SAMPLE by Alexis Winter
The Irresistible Encounter: A Billionaire Bad Boy Friends to lovers Romance by Alexa McLean
Daddy comes home by Suzanne Hart
Capture Me by Amber Thielman
New Years Eve by Jessica Wayne
A Venture of the Heart by Amelia Judd
Love Across Time by Jayla Rae
Mr. Roomate by Kelli Callahan
His First Taste : A Billionaire Romance by Amy Heighton
Until I Fall by Claudia Burgoa
The Boy Next Door by Annabelle Costa
Romantic TakeOver: Hijacked by Her Boss by Passion House Publishing
DARK LOVE by Amy Sanderlin
Beachside Kiss by Andy Wayne