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Knight's Edge Collection by Liz Gavin
Luck of the Irish Landing Page by Liz Gavin
Celtic Fire Landing Page by Liz Gavin
Abducted by Magic by Kelli McCracken
The Other Sister by Liz Durano
The Devil is in the Details by Maya Daniels
Valentino's Kiss by Tia Didmon
One Wild Weekend with Connor by Lexi Hart
Unveiling Facade by Lisette Kristensen
7 Deadly Roommates by George Saoulidis
The Beauty of Lies by Brinda Berry
Abundance by Shanna Swenson
Something Wicked: The Complete Series by Liza Mitchell
Tame the Flame by Susan Griscom
Summer Ever After by M.C. Cerny
Neighborly Complications by Anne Conley
The Heart Breaker by Tara L. Ames
Billionaire Daddies by Lauren Wood
Diego: A Dark Mafia Hate Story by Ginger Talbot
Flight: The Roc Warriors by Sarah Zolton Arthur
Enslaved In Shadows by Tigris Eden
The Designer by Ariella Talix
Caress by Josie Litton
Trickster's Hunt by Carrie Whitethorne
Burned In Shadows by Tigris Eden
Blade's Honor by Lisa Blackwood
Loving Lucas by Jayne Kingsley
Save Her by Ariella Talix
Dating in the Dark by Alexandria Bishop
The Dream Maker by Tara L. Ames
At His Bidding by Ginger Talbot
Claiming Evelyn - Desire by Azalea Fox
Hunter's Passion ARC by Tia Didmon
Rockstar Secrets by Ja'Nese Dixon
Highest Bidder by Heather Young-Nichols
Deceived by Danielle Pays
Magnetic by Anya J Cosgrove
Platinum Love by Ja'Nese Dixon
Spirit Chasers: The Complete Series Box Set by Carrie Pulkinen
Misbehaved by Katy Kaylee
Make Believe by Ariella Talix
Eli by Romi Hart
The Romantic Prophecy by Tessa Andrews
Her Wolf Protectors by Lilly Wilder
Pursued by Danielle Pays
The First Secret by Maya Daniels
Accidentally Met Him by Lauren Wood
Wet Kisses: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Pisces (The Sectorium Book 5) by Susan Griscom
On A Silent Night by S.L. Sterling
Reflect the Flame by Susan Griscom
The Risk Taker by Tara L. Ames
Stronger by Syd Ryan
Falling for the Veteran by Alexa Rivers
Everything She Ever Wanted ARC by Liz Durano
What Lies Inside by J.L. Myers
The Replacement Fiance by Liz Durano
Enlightened by Magic by Kelli McCracken
Bossman Undone by Sarah Zolton Arthur
Jumping Feet First by Melissa Stevens
Call Me Yours: A Love Story by Scarlet Rose Bonnet
Too Bad... It's Complicated by Emma Vikes
Caulk Tease by Alexandria Bishop
Mr. Huntley's Wife by M.C. Cerny
Claiming Amber by Vi Carter
Dahlia by Viola Calvary
In Your Arms by S.L. Sterling
Summer with the CEO by Alexa Rivers
Night Owl by M.C. Cerny
Beauty's War by Anna Edwards
Stiff Competition by Amy Pinkston
Laundry Day by Kyra Fox
Hot Mess by Anne Conley
Dirty Assignment: A Taboo Romance (Spring Fling Series Book 1) by J. P. Comeau
Love Desired by Kelli McCracken
Enemy Fiance Billionaire by LA Pepper
Chosen by Josie Litton
Ocean Breezes and Salty Kisses by Victoria Honeywood
The Wolf Pack by Lilly Wilder
Darkness Between Us by N.J. Adel
Distant Cousins by Eric Huffbind
Blade's Destiny (Advanced Review Copy) by Lisa Blackwood
At His Command by Eric Bolt
Hearts Ignite in the Desert by Julianna Douglas
The Ex's Daddy by Victoria Snow
The Hot Bad Boys by Lauren Wood
On Her Trail by Liza Mitchell
Professor on the Prowl by Bella Beaumont
Always Room for Cupcakes by Bethany Lopez
Too Bad... I Couldn't Resist by Emma Vikes
Wolf's Bane by Crystal Ash
Punished by the Stud by Bella Beaumont
Loving Her Pack by J.S. Moore
Werewolves Only by Carrie Pulkinen
Bound by Blood by Liza Mitchell
No Angel by Eric Bolt
Ishtar's Blade by Lisa Blackwood
Pump it Up by Megan Hetherington
Blue Eyed Monsters by Ginger Talbot
Summer of the Boy by Sarah Zolton Arthur
Identity Crisis by Eliza Watson
Public Relations by Laura Lee, USA Today bestselling author
As You Breathe Again by Molli Moran
21 Days by Bethany Lopez
Her Three Wolves by Lilly Wilder
Furbidden Attraction: A Cursed Romance by R. O'Leary
Hungry Like a Wolf by Jessica Lynch
Shadow Walker by Anya J Cosgrove
As You Wish by Ja'Nese Dixon
Wager by Kristen Strassel
Twin Shift by Tia Didmon
Beltane Bliss by Lilliana Rose
Finding Flynn by Alexandria Bishop
ANEW: Awakened by Josie Litton
Her Wild Coast Haven by Dakota Davies
Zeke by Romi Hart
Irrepairable by LeTeisha Newton
Rafe by Romi Hart
A Kiss Beneath the Stars by S.L. Sterling
The Alpha Dragon's Mate by Brittany White
Rescuing Single Mom by Suzanne Hart
Frat House Confessions: Ridge by Bethany Lopez
As You Come Undone by Molli Moran
Bonded In Shadows by Tigris Eden
The Alpha Dragon's Secret by Brittany White
As You Turn Away by Molli Moran
Falling for Him by Anne Conley
Love & Ghosts by Carrie Pulkinen
Steps by Bea Paige