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Look no further! These amazing authors have teamed up to offer a wide-ranging selection of new books. Available for free for a limited time.

Magic of the Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain
Emergence: A Seven Stars Novel by Dayne Edmondson
Harbinger: Ancient Purge Book 0 by M.C. Bass
Crown of Sorrows by Emerald Dodge
Breakers of the Dawn by Zachariah Wahrer
Souls of the Never by CJ Rutherford
Em's Gator Club by Alia Hess
The Rifters by M, Pax
It Began With a Lie by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
Birth of Magic: A YA Fantasy Novella by Carol Beth Anderson
The Predator and The Prey by K.C. Sivils
Persistence of Frost: A Study In Magic Short by Chris Kim
The Arrival by Nicole MacDonald
Talon The Slayer - Sample by A. A. Warren
Worlds Revealed by J.L. Hendricks
The Harvest by Alanah Andrews
Bound by Sorcery Sample by Antara Mann
Flight of the Raven (A The Sword of Rhiannon Prequel) by Melissa E. Beckwith
Cicada Summer by Jeff Dosser
LEGION'S RIDDLE: The Hero's Journey, REVISED & EXPANDED by K. R. Sanford
Fifty-One by Chris Barnham
The Maelstrom by Matthew Barnes
Black Candle by H.P. Bayne
Dragon Lords by Chris Turner
Flash Back [preview] by Ellison Blackburn
Dr. Chum & the Taoist Terror by David S. Wellhauser
The Darkening - Short Story by Chris Sarantopoulos
Diffusion by Stan C. Smith
Time Control by Rex Bolt
The Roswell Legacy by Craig A. McDonough
The Wolf of Dorian Gray - A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man by Brian S. Ference
Unleash by Lauren Harris
Watcher's Web by Patty Jansen
Mirror Image by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
The Unrivaled's Witch by Laura Marie
Outsider by Alison Ingleby
Dark Alignment by David Haskell
Argenterra by Donna Maree Hanson
Hawk Hallow by J.D. Oliva
Demon Hunt by Thomas Green
HIGHER GROUND: A Space Rules Adventure Origin Story by Ian Cannon
Vengeance Lost - Sample by J. L. Stowers
Awaken (Fated Fantasy Adventure Book 1) by Humphrey Quinn
Airwoman by Zara Quentin
Star Runners by L.E. Thomas
Alterations by Jane Suen
Vivified by Author Chad Schimke
Anti Life by Allen Kuzara
Code of Rainbow by Weiqi Wang
Linguist, The by CF WELBURN
Warden Fall by Jennifer M. Eaton
The Fixer by Morgan Nyberg
Argony: A sci-fi short story by John Akers
Haunted by the Devil by Bill Hiatt
If There Be Giants [preview] by Ellison Blackburn
Disowned by Sarah Addison-Fox
Lake Of Sins: Escape by L. S. O'Dea
Talents Rising by Kath Farr
Fionn: The Stalking Silence by Brian O'Sullivan
Angel Feather by Bill Hiatt
Winter Trials by K.S. Marsden
Ignite by Emerald Dodge
Illiya by J J Mathews
THE BLUEPRINT by Wesley Cross
The Heisenberg Corollary (Preview) by C. H. Duryea
The Hero of Legend by Demethius Jackson
Persistence of Vision by Liesel K. Hill
The Selection by Jason J. Nugent
If Looks Could Kill by GARY KITTLE
Discussion of a Decent Dream (Excerpt) by E. Curtis
Sacrament by Jim Miesner
Deadlines & Dryads by Rebecca Chastain
The Hatching by Liesel K. Hill
The Portal To Fantasy Anthology by Portal to Fantasy
Before and After (Sampler) by Matt Thomas
The Twitcher Sketchbook by Kaleb Schad
Fledgling by CF WELBURN
The Unbroken - Chapter One by Destiny Hawkins
Hyperspace Radio by James Beach
Preview of The Sign of the Symean (A Fantasy Adventure Book One) by R.A. Lindo
The Wombanditos by Andrew Einspruch
The Alley of Secrets by Wes Grandmont III
Bennu Strand:The World Inside Book One by Alexander Pink
The Crimson Cobra by Thomas Green
A Night On The Town by K.C. Sivils
Neon Sands: A Trilogy by Adam J Smith
The Best Laid Plans by K.T. Davies
Tanked by Joshua C. Chadd
Star Cat: Origins by Andrew Mackay
Veiled Blossoms by Jackie Castle
Under the Stone Paw by Theresa Crater
The Monitor by Paul Heingarten
Midwinter by Author Chad Schimke
Against the Beast by R.J. Batla
The Veterinarian's Field Guide to Rabid Unicorns by Elise Loyacano Perl
Dragonclaw Dare by Brian S. Ference
The Next God by MB Mooney
The Rat Collector by Chris Yee
Strange Start by Gayle Katz
Whispers in the Code by Stephanie and Isaac Flint
Electric Jungle by James K. Pratt
The Metal Girl by Michael W. Huard
Tabitha's Vacation by Michael Anderle
RETRIEVAL by Regina Clarke
Nerra's Story by Mirren Hogan
Rise Of The River Man by L. S. O'Dea
Heir to the Sundered Crown by M.S. Olney
Prometheus, A New Dawn by Nicole MacDonald
The Dark Sacrifice (Sample) by Jay Bower
Cat Me If You Can by Amanda Carney
The Vengeance of Mirickar by Stuart J. Whitmore
Blackson's Revenge - Preview by Easton  Livingston
The Renegade Apprentice by Andy Peloquin
Trials of Magic (The Hundred Halls Vol.1) by Thomas K. Carpenter
New Caviar by Stephany Brandt
Rocket Fuel Pee: Man of Ruin by Oliver Franks
Katrina Hates the World by Russell Nohelty
Jaydon: A Dawn Saga Short Story by Zachariah Wahrer
Planet Walkers by A. V. Shackleton
The Knight's Secret by Jeffrey Bardwell
Catallaxis by Peri Dwyer Worrell
Anthracite Sampler by Matt Thomas
James: Witch-Hunter by K.S. Marsden
T-Rexes & Tax Law by Rachel Ford
Winter of the Gods and Other Stories by E.P. Clark
All for One by Mark Teppo
Spells & Spaceships: Stories by Kate Sheeran Swed
Chromeheart (Travelers Series: Book II) by Alia Hess
Ancient Enemies by Tora Moon
Children of the Gods by Destiny Hawkins
LEGION'S RIDDLE: The Elite and the Outcast by K. R. Sanford
Emergence by David Haskell
GREY by Kade Cook
Do or Die (LitRPG short story) by A.T. Gilbert
The Backworlds by M, Pax
Neverland by Jeff Dosser
Killer in Paradise: A Star Runners Universe Novelette by L.E. Thomas
Captured by the Hawk by Aurora Springer
The Amber Isle by Ashley Capes
The Living Stone by MB Mooney