Searching for your next escape to space?

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The Genetic Imerative by P. Joseph Cherubino
The Ares Weapon by D.M. Pruden
The Auriga Project by M. G. Herron
Shi: A Dark Adventure into Living Forever by C.F. Villion
Ambassador 1: Seeing Red by Patty Jansen
Fractured Memories by Jo Schneider
The Beast of Tsunam by Scott A. Combs
Endurance by C.S. Harte
The Creeper Dance, Reaper #1 by Darcy Lennox
Earth Seven by Steve M
Survival Aptitude Test: Hope's Graveyard by Mike Sheriff
Burn District: Short Story Prequel to the Series by Suzanne Jenkins
Gradient by Anders Cahill
Reckoning by Guy Estes  - BooksGoSocial Scifi Fantasy
Arkship Countdown by Niel Bushnell
Islandia: A Prequel to the McKinnah Chronicles by CJ Klinger
Emergence by L.J. Suarez
Iridium Attacks by Justin Bell
The Backworlds by M, Pax
Lucky Shot by Joshua James
The Refugee by C.A. Hartman
Loneliness/Justice: An Aspects Prequel by L.C. Mawson
KAHARI by Dean Kutzler
Blood Hunt by Michelle Bryan
Starfall by Jessie Kwak
Children of Darkness by James E. Wisher
Warp Three by David VanBergen
Sleeping Gods by Matt Eaton
Transmit by Craig Lea Gordon
Julia Dream by Fabia Scalia-Warner  - BooksGoSocial ScifiFantasy
The Infinet by John Akers
The Making of Socket Greeny by Tony Bertauski
Black Bess by Jeannie Wycherley - BooksGoSocial Fantasy
Victor: A Robot Empire Story by Kevin Partner
Six Shadows by Nicole Grotepas
The Mine by T.M. Catron
Starbound by JJ Green
Knife Fight at Olathe-5 by Tom Shepherd
A Simple Thing by Amy J. Murphy
Shanakee's Tale by D. Wink
Rebel Without a Clue by Kerrie Ross - BooksGoSocial Fantasy P
The Collector (Titanborn Universe Book 0) by Rhett Bruno
The Council by Kayla Krantz - BooksGoSocial Fantasy
The Key by Kathryn Wise
Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall by Rae Knightly
The Dragon Throne by Chrys Cymri - BooksGoSocial Fantasy P
Travelers by V. S. Holmes
Europa Affair by M.D. Thalmann
Prox Doom by Michael Penmore
Seekers of Earth (Preview Edition) by Kyle Pratt