Searching for your next favorite story?

These three works from S.K. Saaremael offer a wide range of different stories from novels to comics, fantasy to sci-fi. You will gain our respect if you dare to read all three, but we're also happy if you find one that suits your taste. 

The starter library includes:

‘Book of Fates: Eternal Knight’ teaser. It’s the first 14 chapters of an epic fantasy serial we publish weekly on website. But there’s a twist! Each new chapter ends with a poll. You, the reader, get to vote between three options for how the story continues the following week. It goes like this: a character known as the Narrator tells the story of the Eternal Knight, shipwrecked on the Forgotten Shores of the Old Kingdom of Ferax. He’ll be narrating the story and at certain moments he’ll present you with a choice. You must choose what the knight does next. This is how you assume the role of a Fate. Easy and painless. Your and other Fates’ votes shall be tallied, and the knight compelled to follow the winning course. 

‘Tower 6: The Good Robot’ short story. It’s our take on dystopian satire, artificial intelligence, and Scandinavian science-fiction. An enthusiastic Service and Support Robot called "Tweebo" starts its first day of work with a ragtag crew of a badly funded Earth Rediscovery Program. But will the energetic bot manage to become one of the team when it's faced with a crew who seems to want nothing to do with it, apocalyptic amounts of snow, and corporate policies dictated by the ever-vigilant Human Resources Administration?

‘Run Freak Run’. It’s an indie graphic novel about medieval witch hunts, mythical creatures, and evil queens. It's made for weird, kinda dark, and completely — but delightfully — creepy people. If you see yourself in that description, this is the story for you.


Eternal Knight by S.K. Saaremael
The Good Robot by S.K. Saaremael
Run Freak Run by S.K. Saaremael