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Madman: A Diamond and Doran Mystery by Tracy  Tonkinson
The Forgotten Painting by Gabriel Farago
The Fixer by Mike Gomes
Harvested by Troy Lambert
She's Gone! by Lorena May
Donuts and Disaster by Amber Crewes
Eye of the Tempest (A Mac Ambrose Novella) by HN Wake
Permanent Position: A Doctor Rowena Halley Novel by Sid Stark
The Last Hope by C.C. Jameson
The Imperial Alchemist (preview) by A. H. Wang
Passion in the Sky by Mary Abshire
Deceived: A Husband's Will of Fortune by Brigitta Moon
Welcome to the Hotel Yalta by Victoria Dougherty
A Faint Whisper by Tanya R. Taylor
The Perfect Liar Excerpt by Rachel Woods
Pieces Of A Lie by Rowena Holloway
Best Kept Secret by Elsa Joseph
Answer Death by Richard Prosch
Sampler Set of The Windsor Series by Tamsen Schultz
Who Murdered Uncle Ebenezer? 18K Small Town Estate Christian Cozy Mystery Series Book 1 by S.F. Nightingale
Sanctuary's Aggression by Maira Dawn
Killers, Bikers & Freaks: A Walt Asher Florida Thriller by Andrew Allan
A Mutual Addiction by Mary Widdicks
Blood Brothers by Dusty Sharp
BOG: A Thriller by Phil Gerraud
Harper's Folly: A Mystery by Stacy M. Jones
She Wore Mourning by P.D. Workman
Forgotten by Neven Carr
Wicked Verity and other short stories by Syd Hart
A Bear of Her Own by Fay Walsh
The Commingling of Billy & Calliope: A Fox Tale by Bryon Cahill
My Dark Decline by Diane Ezzard
Parrots and Payback by Ruby Loren
A Taste of Darkness by Byn Always
Moonlight Falls (A Dick Moonlight PI Series Book 1) by Vincent Zandri
From Ireland to The Vatican by Mark Downey
Knick Knack Paddy Whack - Bonus Chapter - What Happened To James Finn by Mark Downey
Discovered Beginnings by Julie Bawden-Davis
Poisoned Legacy by Jenny Wheeler
Her Cheating Man by Brigitta Moon
Tidal Wave by David Berens
Wulfleng: Howl by L.E. Horn
The Man Behind the Flames by Lauren Lee
Oracle's Hunt by A. Claire Everward
Betrayed (A CORE Sector Novel Book 1) by K.P. Stafford
A Sweet Chunk of Madness by Deany Ray
Devil's Due by Andrew Warren
Dark Days by Charlie Moore
The Hunter's Game Sample by Logan Fox
Murder in Maplewood: Preview by S.E. BROMKE
Stairway of Secrets by Shannon Kaper
The First by A. Claire Everward
You Were Made For Me by Jessica Lynch
The Stolen Mother by DL Fitz
The Surrey Stalker by B.L. Pearce
The Voice Within by Roger Penfound
One Last Breath by Elleby Harper
Death by Tradition - Preview by B.M. Allsopp
Death by Figgy Pudding by Pauline Creeden
Race With The Devil by Layla Wolfe
Folie à Deux by Mary Widdicks
Kiss By The Forbidden Vampire by Brittany White
The Princess and the P.I. by Angela Ruth Strong
Merlot and Murder by Sandra Woffington
3 Seconds in Bogota by mark playne
Homecoming by Ricky Black
Death Unholy by Phillip Strang
Dead Again by Tracy Cooper-Posey
The Lovers of Traber by John Lantigua
The Meeting At Bishop's Rest by Erick Mertz
Summer Session: A Doctor Rowena Halley Short by Sid Stark
The Lollipop Girl (preview) by Syd Hart
Dragon's Mate by Brittany White
Where Are They Now: A Siya Rajput Mystery (The Siya Rajput Mysteries Book One) by UD Yasha
The Stolen Twin by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
The Hidden Threat by Angel Vane
Desert OverWatch by Thomas J Eyre
False Flag by Jay Tinsiano
A Girl Like You by Michelle Cox
The Dragon I Fell in Love With by Mary Abshire
Husband Unknown by Jacqui Penn
Oracle: A Diana Hawthorne Psychic Mystery by Carissa Andrews
Masked Intentions SAMPLE (8) by Tom Bierdz
Private Viewing by Geoff Palmer
Bittersweet Alliance by Kathleen Rowland
Forbidden Birth: A Chris Ravello Medical Thriller by William Rubin
Arrival of the Vampyren by Seth Eden
Undercurrent by Louise Rose-Innes
Falling Deep Into You (Sample) by T.M. Kelly
The Killing Scripture by Afshan Jaffery
Lioness by Steve M