Short Month? Time for Short Stories!


There's not much time for reading this month, but short stories are easy to fit into limited time. Grab these while you can!

The Prophesied Awakening by Stuart J. Whitmore
The Ages Of Merlin: Origins by Christina D Stewart
Demon's Revenge by Skye MacKinnon
T'nari Blood Claim by Erin MacMichael
The Clockwork King by Simon Kewin
Winter Trials by K.S. Marsden
Songs in the Mountain by Kari Kilgore
Code of Rainbow by Weiqi Wang
The Fall of an Overlord by Kevin Potter
Hoshmaniah's Hold by Cyle Young
The Riddle Curse by Jennifer Stevenson
Father McMahon's Confession by Amanda Linehan
Drayton (The Taker): Evolution of a Vampire by Tony Bertauski
The Last Charter by Fiona Jeeves
The Fae: A Short Prequel by Hallie Goodway
King Cage and the Worth Street Djinni by Mike Stop Continues
The Wolf of Wool Street by Kevin Partner
The Dragon Pearl by J F Mehentee
Peonhood by Rosalyn Kelly
Inner Demons by Ellis Everley and Ellen South
Munch's Fate by Ian McFarlane
Stone and String by Stephanie Flint
Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales by Deborah A Bailey
The Disappearing Client: Episode 1 by Kate Baray
Dark Water: An Urban Fantasy Story by Saruuh Kelsey
Murder at Raven's Lodge by Lee Isserow
The Case of the Exploding Luck Pumpkin: Casino Witch Mystery Short Story by Nikki Haverstock
The Demon Bunny of Ipswich by J.R. Mabry
The Offering by R.L. Sanderson
Star of the Party by Cate Lawley
Writer Battle: Chaos by S Shane Thomas
How to Get Arrested & How to Diagnose a Changeling by Cameron J Quinn
Once Upon A Time: A Collection of Folktales, Fairytales and Legends by Demelza Carlton
Before Sleeping Beauty by Mummies Anonymous
A Beauty's Bargain by Ashley R. Carlson
American Alchemy: Quicksilver by Oliver Altair
The Courage of Kahu (Series Prequel) by Rue
Fire & Ice by T J Mayhew
The Silent Blade by Jacob Peppers
Loved By The Alpha Leader by Anastasia Chase
Flood Watch by Matthew J. Wellman
Warden Fall by Jennifer M. Eaton
Trading Knives by P. H. Solomon
Ash and Steel by T.L. Branson
Under the Dryer with Bonus Flash - Orange and Golden by Fran Friel