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An Arrow Against the Wind by P. H. Solomon
Hexes and Vexes by Arizona Tape
Valkyrie 101 by Arizona Tape
Drop Of Blood by Laura Greenwood
TWIST by J.S. Arquin
Symphony of the Wind by Steven McKinnon
Seabound: The Beginning by Maira Dawn
The Black Hussars: Audiobook - Sample by Mitchell Lüthi
Final Breath by Clint Lowe
After the Green Withered by Kristin Ward
Apocalypse Z - Book 1 by Baileigh Higgins
The Bargain: A Short Story by Clara C. Johnson
The Bastard Prince by Patty Jansen
A Cup of Bood by Troy A Hill
The Doomed Planet by M J Dees
Paranormal Nonsense by steve higgs
Domna, Part Three: The Centaur's Gamble by Tammie Painter
Enter the Dawniverse (4-book set) by P.K. Lentz
Clarity - An Ascent to Madness by Ethan Stein
The Revenge of the Fallen by Elisabeth Martin
Requiem's Reach by R.M. Garino
The Frozen Flame Prequels by Paul J Bennett
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal (Book 1) by Weiqi Wang
Demon Hunter by Mary Abshire
The Avant Champion: Rising by CB Samet
Stoking The Embers by Laura Greenwood
Death Warden by C.J. Stilling
Domna, Part Two: The Solon's Son by Tammie Painter
Tuning the Symphony by William C. Tracy
Gene Pool by Regina Clarke
The Dragon Commander by Kennedy K King
Scorched Earth by K N Kellum
Claiming the Evil Dead by Mary Abshire
The Wind Mage of Maijev by Stephanie Flint
The New Frontier by K N Kellum
Unicorn Magic by Roz Marshall
Causality Bomb: Causality is Optional by Terry Gene
Child of the Flames by D.W. Hawkins
2132: AWAKENING by Paul Davis
Last Another Day by Baileigh Higgins
The Predator and The Prey by K.C. Sivils
Space Sharks by Ian Thomas Healy
Providence Paranormal College by LMBPN Publishing
The Defiled by Sean Deville
Wide Asleep by Arizona Tape
A Hare in the Wilderness by S E Turner
Demon Tracker by Mary Abshire
Combat Origin by Misty Zaugg
Apocalypse Dawn; A Spire Novel by Peter F. Smith
Lost Mission by Daniel Young
The Bonds of Osteria by Tammie Painter
Merchants and Maji by William C. Tracy
Blood and Shadow by Robin Lythgoe
Hammer and Anvil by Lou Paduano
Talon The Slayer - Sample by A. A. Warren
The Guardians - Book 1 by Don Viecelli
Virulence by Greg Prado
The New Frontier: Resistance Book 2 by K N Kellum
The New Frontier: Into the Matrix Book 3 by K N Kellum
Spellbound Lovers Volume 1 by Lorna Michael's
Black Magic Voodoo by Nikki Landis
Dark Gods 1: Take the body by Arthur King
Silk Spider: Behind the Eight-Ball by J. D. Brink
Post Apocalyptic: Beginnings (A First-in-Series Post-Apocalyptic Boxed Set) by Baileigh Higgins
The Box and The Bird by David Viergutz
After the End Trilogy by Mark Gillespie
Vengeance Lost by J. L. Stowers
Innocence Lost by Patty Jansen
A Harvest Of Souls by C.C. Edmonston
The Spread by Sean Deville
The Enixar: The Sorcerer's Conquest by Mikkell K Khan
Shadows of Doubt book one in The Emerald Tablet: Chronicles of the Supernatural by JM Hart
The Replacement by Bianca Sierra-Luebke
The Knight's Secret by Jeffrey Bardwell
City of Whispers by J.D.L. Rosell
Beginnings by Patty Jansen