Read up on the female badasses of science fiction!


They're kicking butt and taking names. Read about the powerful, complex women who are knocking down the future.

Skin Trials by S.Y. Humphrey
Powdered Souls, A Short Story by Dixon Reuel
After the Green Withered by Kristin Ward
Incursion by J J Mathews
Starfall by Jessie Kwak
The Warbirds of Absaroka by Debbie Mumford
Combat Origin by Misty Zaugg
Deuces Wild Boxed Set by Michael Anderle
The Pericles Conspiracy by Michael Kingswood
Bridgers 1: The Lure of Infinity by Stan C. Smith
Final Duty by Kyle Pratt
Ghost Ranger by Dayne Edmondson
Machine Sickness by Peri Dwyer Worrell
Worlds Away by J.L. Hendricks
The Enclave by H.M.Clarke
Distant Horizon by Stephanie and Isaac Flint
Mantivore Dreams by S.J. Higbee