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Murphy's Star by C. Gockel
Blood Payment by Laura Greenwood
INFINITY: A Bridger's Origin by Stan C. Smith
Journey of Fire and Night by DK Holmberg
The Sphere of Infinity by Day Leitao
Watcher's Web by Patty Jansen
Galactic Empires: Seven Novels of Deep Space Adventure by Patty Jansen
Star Mage Exile by JJ Green
Jack by M.E. Turnbaugh
Bad Magic by C. Gockel
Friendly Fire by C. Gockel
Rogue Stars: 7 Novels of Space Exploration and Adventure by C. Gockel
Anti Life by Allen Kuzara
Someday My Count Will Come: An I Bring the Fire Short Story by C. Gockel
Immortals' Requiem by Vincent Bobbe
Spell of the Magi by Gail Daley
Run from Ruin by Allen Kuzara
The Gatekeeper by Katrina Cope
A Blade's Beginning by Lisa Blackwood
The Ghosts in the Trees by MalcolmFernandesBooks
A Simple Mission by Daniel Gibbs
Shadows, Trees & Odd Mysteries - The Madness Tree by MalcolmFernandesBooks
Star Cat: Origins by Andrew Mackay
Broken Forest: A YA Epic Fantasy by Eliza Tilton
Space Pirate Roberts by Jay A Toney
Blaze by Krista D. Ball
Winter Wren by Miranda Honfleur
Crying Over Spilt Light by George Saoulidis
The Knight's Secret by Jeffrey Bardwell
The Doomed Planet by M J Dees
Dawn of the Sorceress by Lisa Blackwood
The Dragons of Jupiter by Jacob Holo
Chaos by Demelza Carlton
Marked-A Short Story Prequel by Katrina Cope
Prometheus, A New Dawn by Nicole MacDonald
The Healing Glass by Maria Herring
The Case Of The Puppy Academy by Arizona Tape
The Spell Speakers by Day Leitao
The Rise of Ardis by Crystal Crawford
Pepper by Carol Buhler
Mageborn by Dayne Edmondson
Blood & Moon by M.G. Darwish
Shadows, Trees & Odd Mysteries - Book 3 - Chronicles I-III - Other Realms by MalcolmFernandesBooks
Tabitha's Vacation by Michael Anderle
Priestess of Truth by Laura Greenwood
Blood of the Wolf by Miranda Honfleur
Out of Time by Charles DeMaris
Stand Firm by Daniel Gibbs
The Hammer Falls: Promomania by Travis Heermann
The Bone Yard by MB Mooney
The Killings at Rockman's Ford by D.W. Hawkins
Fractured Past by D.E. Chapman
The Arrival by Nicole MacDonald
Shadows of Doubt book one in The Emerald Tablet: Chronicles of the Supernatural by JM Hart
Zephyr I by Warren Hately
Sorcery & Warlocks by Patty Jansen
Magic of the Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain
Dregs of the Culver Waste Book 1 - Sand and Scrap by Chris R. Sendrowski
Through Titan's Trail by Austin Dragon
An Assassin's Tool by Trevor Darby