Searching for your next favorite story?


Look no further! These authors have teamed up to offer you a great selection of funny, snarky, and satirical books.

The Worst Couple in the World by Holly Tierney-Bedord
Flying by the Seat of My Knickers by Eliza Watson
Discombobulated - Keep On Keeping On - Best Of - Book 1 by Simon Northouse
Breaking Good by Mike B. Good
Dr. Prepper excerpt by Margaret Lashley
Super Sausage by Mark Watson
Impractically Perfect by Genevieve Lerner
A Dame Called Derek by Kerrie Noor
The Perfect Culture by Brent Robins
Beverley Green's First Territorial Christmas by Andrea C. Neil
Goat by Jim Miesner
The Afterlife of Walter Augustus by Hannah Lynn
The Snow Maid by Bee Brooks
Amber by Mia Harlan
Midlife Lovers by Candy Croc
The Astonishing Anniversaries of James and David by M J Dees
The Traveling Circus by Mark Watson
The Christmas Hypothesis by Anna Blix
Beverley Green: Sasquatch Hunter by Andrea C. Neil
Beverley Green Finds True North by Andrea C. Neil
Truce? Hating Elijah Monroe by Amelia Kingston
Fun Stories Greatest Hits by R. Scott Murphy
Fiona and the Whale by Hannah Lynn
The Pilates Class by Stevie Turner
The Extra by Megan Walker and Janci Patterson
Career Misfits Clean Romantic Comedy Series Books 1 - 3 by Mikaela Snowe
My Life in Ladies' knickers by Oscar Sparrow
Glad One: Crazy is a Relative Term by Margaret Lashley
Tangled In The Web by Jeff Stanger
The Hairy Fairy by Mark Watson
A Christmas Proposal: A Peas and Carrots Short Story by Hannah Lynn
Nashvegas Nights by Kat Addams
Chrissy a la Carte by Genevieve Lerner
The Ambitious Card by John Gaspard
Go On, Girl by Hilary Grossman
Alexis vs. the Afterlife by Marcus Alexander Hart
Down with the Dance by C.T. Walsh
Under Wraps by Brynn North