Searching for your next favorite story?


Looking for a book with Kings, Queens, Princesses and More? Look no further than this selection of paranormal and fantasy books!

The Almost Queen by Laura Greenwood
The Savage King (Lords of the Var 1) by Michelle M. Pillow
The Secret Bloodline by SE Bloom
Chosen by the Vampire Book One by Atlas Rose
Silver and Bone by Oliver Altair
Dragon Prince (Qurilixen Lords) by Michelle M. Pillow
Valkyrie's Chaos by Arizona Tape
Destiny Rising by Gail Daley
The Swordsman's Lament by G.M. White
The Wolf of Ashford Manor by Toni Cox
Dangerous Beauty, Sexy Beast by Dariel Raye
The Knight's Secret by Jeffrey Bardwell
Nightvision Twilight Shadows: First Chapter by C. H. Knyght
The Hero of Legend by Demethius Jackson
Fractured Past by D.E. Chapman
Bound by Sorcery Sample by Antara Mann
Calm Assurance: Orlosian Warriors Bk. 1 by Dariel Raye
Determined Prince by Michelle M. Pillow
Master of the Hunt by Lisa Blackwood
Clock's Watch II: Daughters of the Black Moon by Michael Reyes
Cougars Christmas by Tia Didmon
The Wolf Fey (A Bitter Frost Novelette) by Kailin Gow by Kailin Gow
Blade's Honor by Lisa Blackwood
The Star Family by Theresa Crater
Dagger of Bone by R. K. Thorne
Paranormal Nonsense by steve higgs
Glass Slipper Scandal by Tansy Rayner Roberts
The White Arrow by P. H. Solomon
Wolf's Man by Lynn Nodima
An Arrow Against the Wind by P. H. Solomon
Valentino's Kiss by Tia Didmon
Ishtar's Blade by Lisa Blackwood
Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night by Laura Greenwood
Royal Dragon Bind: Royal Dragon Shifters of Morocco #1 by Ava Ward
The Ritual (Book One of the Plagueborne Trilogy) by Mitchell Lüthi
Court of Secrets by Dyan Chick
INSTINCT by Hanleigh Bradley
The Prince Of Abaddon by John Magister
The Bow of Destiny by P. H. Solomon
The Hatching by Liesel K. Hill
Dai's Dark Valentine by Dariel Raye
Cursed By The Crown by Hanleigh Bradley
Birth of the Bacchae by Stephanie Mirro
Hunter's Passion ARC by Tia Didmon
Spindles And Spells by Laura Greenwood
Shadow's Voice by Natalie Johanson
King of the Unblessed by Michelle M. Pillow
Heart of Malice (Alice Worth Book 1) by Lisa Edmonds
Heir by Addison Carmichael
Kana Cold: Case of the Shinigami by KC Hunter
Shades of Human by J.L. Myers
A Squad Of Wolves by Arizona Tape
Mark of Truth by Graceley Knox
The Purple Haze by Andrew Einspruch
Veritas' Ark by Jo Seysener
Barbarian Prince (Dragon Lords Book 1) by Michelle M. Pillow
Faery Queen by Michelle M. Pillow
Saving Eira by Laura Greenwood
Prince Poison by Klarissa King
Dante's Desire by Tia Didmon