Searching for your next favorite story?


Look no further! These awesome authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of fantasy books.

Dawn of the Sorceress by Lisa Blackwood
The Reluctant Assassin by Thomas K. Carpenter
City of Masks by Ashley Capes
Magic's Betrayal by Lorri Moulton
Living with Your Past Selves by Bill Hiatt
Crystalline Kingdom: Darkness Stirs by Austin Baillio
Invaion Earth by Jay A Toney
Beneath the Canyons by Kyra Halland
Dream Eater by A. V. Dalcourt
Angel Revelation by Mary Abshire
Gargoyle Huntress by Jen Pretty
Once Upon A Rose by Lorri Moulton
The Dark Realm by Anthea Sharp
The Bow of Destiny by P. H. Solomon
Found by Ron Vitale
Beast Navidad by Camilla Ochlan & Bonita Gutierrez
Bound by Sorcery Sample by Antara Mann
The Shark in the Park by Mark Watson
Heir to the Crown Box Set 1 by Paul J Bennett
Shadows of Lela by Tessonja Odette
The Elyrian by D.P. Rowell
Mercerian Tales: The Call of Magic by Paul J Bennett
The Charmed Locket by Elina Vale
Veil of Mist by Tessonja Odette
Claiming the Evil Dead by Mary Abshire
Code of Rainbow: Ancient Barons and the Returned Assassin (Book 2) by Weiqi Wang
Master of the Hunt by Lisa Blackwood
A Demon's Gift by L. S. O'Dea
Justicar Jhee and the Cursed Abbey by Trevol Swift
The White Arrow by P. H. Solomon
Ashes: A Sword & Sorcery Novel by Paul J Bennett
Shadow of the Crown by Amber Morant
Crossroads by Nicole Coverdale
Fortune's Fool by Angela Boord
The Guardians: Path of Ascension by Bruce, R.F.
Moonlight, Roses & Murder by Lorri Moulton
Fated Fantasy Adventure by DigitalSPF
Witch's Sorrow by Taylor Aston White
Sanyare: The Last Descendant by Megan Haskell
Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: Beginnings (The Lily Singer Adventures, Book 1) by Lydia Sherrer
The Carnelian Fox by Kay MacLeod
Hexes and Vexes by Arizona Tape
Disciples of Trikaal by Varun Sayal
Code of Rainbow: Legends of Azure and the Masked Planet (Book 3) by Weiqi Wang
Cursed Magic by Antara Mann
Witches of Fate Urban Fantasy Bundle by DigitalSPF
Creatures of the Night School: Return to Sender by M. Telsch-Williams
Veritas' Ark by Jo Seysener
Clock's Watch II: Daughters of the Black Moon by Michael Reyes
Claus: Legend of the Fat Man (A Science Fiction Adventure) by Tony Bertauski
The Bastard Prince by Patty Jansen
Whispers of Deceit by Claudia Herring
Betrayal's Price by Lisa Blackwood
Balanced Scales by Laura Greenwood
Fierce Heart by Tara Grayce
The Werewolf Whisperer by Camilla Ochlan & Bonita Gutierrez
The Legend of St George and the Dragon by Mark Watson
Apollo Is Mine by Mila Young
Rune Witch Mysteries: The Complete Series by Victoria DeLuis
Midnight Sun by Laurel Night
Goldenmark (The Kingsmen Chronicles #3) by Jean Lowe Carlson
Clarity (The Divine Potentials Book 1) by Ethan Stein
Heirs of Power by Kay MacLeod
Lost in Averell by Tara Grayce
Infernal Curse (The Half-Goddess Chronicles) by Antara Mann
Liars for Magic by Chris Kim
The Lost Book of Anggird by Kyra Halland
Falter by Haven Cage
The Awakening by Mary Abshire
Mageborn by Dayne Edmondson
Pariah's Moon by Ian Thomas Healy
Rhuna, Keeper of Wisdom by Barbara Underwood
The Game: Beta Testing by A. V. Dalcourt
Spindles And Spells by Laura Greenwood
Trials of Magic (The Hundred Halls Vol.1) by Thomas K. Carpenter
Clock's Watch by Michael Reyes
Heishi by Jeff Sabean
Once Upon a Hallow's Eve by Nicole Coverdale
Tree of Bone and Mist: The Sword of Rhiannon Series: Book One by Melissa E. Beckwith
Beyond Everlight by Debbie Cassidy
Servant of the Crown by Paul J Bennett
The Lady of Kingdoms by Suzannah Rowntree
The Phoenix Grail by Helen Savore
Blackmark (The Kingsmen Chronicles #1) by Jean Lowe Carlson
First Queen of the Gryphons by Lisa Blackwood
Destiny Awaits by Nicole Coverdale
Shades of Prophecy by Tessonja Odette
Ahab's Daughter by Ron Vitale
Stolen by Ron Vitale
A Witch Called Red by Sami Valentine
Bloodmark (The Kingsmen Chronicles #2) by Jean Lowe Carlson
Lost by Ron Vitale
Shadow Magic by Nazri Noor
Stolen By Them by Skye MacKinnon
Fallen Reign by Nazri Noor
The Case Of The Night Mark by Arizona Tape
We Witches Three Books 1-3 (Isle of Bones - Isle of Wolves - Isle of Echoes) by DigitalSPF
Justicar Jhee and the Hole in the World by Trevol Swift
Demon Tracker by Mary Abshire
ExtraNormal by Suzanne V. Reese
An Arrow Against the Wind by P. H. Solomon
Down & Out Witch by Sami Valentine
Mortal Flight Part One: The Discovery by Laurel Night
Almost Dead by Rae Hendricks
The Genome Project by Aaron Hodges
Spell of the Magi by Gail Daley
Clarity - An Ascent to Madness by Ethan Stein
Ties of Smoke by Claudia Herring
Shadow's Voice by Natalie Johanson
The Spire by Peter F. Smith
Awakening Fractured Memories: Volume 1 by A. V. Dalcourt
Storm Front by Lorri Moulton
Jivaja by Venessa Giunta
The Ritual (Book One of the Plagueborne Trilogy) by Mitchell Lüthi
Obsessions of a Djinni by Claudia Herring
The Dark Citadel by Jay A Toney
Prophecy of Convergence by Shannon Pemrick
Shattered Dimensions by Nicole Coverdale
Blade's Honor by Lisa Blackwood
Space Pirate Roberts by Jay A Toney
Bound by Magic by Nicole Coverdale
Demons of Time by Varun Sayal
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal by Weiqi Wang
Sword in the Throne by Helen Savore
The Revenge of Excalibur by Sahara Foley
Ahab's Heir by Ron Vitale
First Package Causes Grief by Mary Abshire
Apocalypse Dawn; A Spire Novel by Peter F. Smith
Rise of the Phoenix by T. Isajanyan
The First Adventure by Anthea Sharp