Ready for a protagonist with smarts?


Intellectuals, scientists, and computer nerds abound in this set of novels. Available for free for a limited time!

Star Cat: Origins by Andrew Mackay
Vivified by Author Chad Schimke
Toby Fisher and the Arc Light by Ian McFarlane
Back to The Viper: A Time Travel Experiment by Antara Mann
Hero is a man by Nix Whittaker
Whispers in the Dark by Rae Hendricks
Captured by the Hawk by Aurora Springer
Chromeheart (Travelers Series: Book II) by Alia Hess
Shiftless by Aimee Easterling
Midwinter by Author Chad Schimke
Outworlder by Joe Vasicek
Exorcising Aaron Nguyen by Lauren Harris
Lost Kingdom by J.H. Marcus
Fledgling by CF WELBURN
Daughters of Anarchy: Book 1 by C.A. Hartman
Ghost of an Opportunity by Kevin McLaughlin
Taken: A Valiant Novella by Merrie Destefano
Roguelike by Paul Bellow
Persistence of Vision by Liesel K. Hill
UPROAR by Michael W. Huard
Incrusted: hiding the demon within by Annora Wilson
Lordstar by GP Eliot
Electric Jungle by James K. Pratt
The Fixer by Morgan Nyberg
Scarab by Helen Allan
Krystal Blue by Destiny Hawkins
The Five Hive Plateau by William C. Tracy
'50sVille Vol. 1 by No Compromise Media
Hungry Gods by J. D. Brink
IMPROBABLES a satire about very large numbers by Steve M
Gift of Glass and Other Short Stories by Kay L Moody