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Find a new paranormal or fantasy series for 2020!

Reluctant Dragon Mate by Laura Greenwood
Valkyrie 101 by Arizona Tape
Fierce Heart by Tara Grayce
Fae of the North by E. Hall
Heart of Malice (Alice Worth Book 1) by Lisa Edmonds
Remembrance: The Descendants: Book One by T.K. Eldridge
Fifteen Postcards by Kirsten McKenzie
Paranormal Nonsense by steve higgs
The Carnelian Fox by Kay MacLeod
Hunted by the Dragon by Addison Carmichael
Fractured Past by D.E. Chapman
A Reluctant Huntress by Graceley Knox
A Bad Witch's Guide to Good Luck by M. Telsch-Williams
The Wolf Fey (A Bitter Frost Novelette) by Kailin Gow by Kailin Gow
Redeemer of Shadows by Michelle M. Pillow
The Sign of the Symean (A Fantasy Adventure Book 1) by R.A. Lindo
Clock's Watch by Michael Reyes
Faith Against the Wolves by Jonathan Chateau
Bound by Sorcery Sample by Antara Mann
Fireflies by Melissa Koberlein
The Hero of Legend by Demethius Jackson
Finders Weepers by Belinda White
Her Snow White Christmas (Snow Globe Magic Book 1) by Cara Marsi
Seratis Daughter of the Sun by N.J. Adel
The Sword Chronicles: Child of the Empire by Michaelbrent Collings
King of the Unblessed by Michelle M. Pillow
Beneath the Canyons by Kyra Halland
The Bow of Destiny by P. H. Solomon
Jake's Redemption by Jamie Schulz
The Magic Compass by Martha Carr
Determined Prince by Michelle M. Pillow
Rift in the Deep by Janelle Garrett
Sarah's Inheritance by Katherine Kim
Amber by Mia Harlan
Bride of the Alpha by Georgette St. Clair
The Smudger by Angeline Trevena
Black Magic Voodoo by Nikki Landis
Drama Queens with Love Scenes by Kevin Klehr
City of Whispers by J.D.L. Rosell
Feared by Hell by Michael Anderle
The Enixar: The Sorcerer's Conquest by Mikkell K Khan
Balanced Scales by Laura Greenwood
Catching A Vampire by Laura Greenwood
Once upon a Shoe: A Cinderella Retelling by A. R. Summers
Shades of Human by J.L. Myers
INSTINCT by Hanleigh Bradley
Time Magic by Kelly N. Jane
Torn Asunder by Michael Anderle
Dragon Prince (Qurilixen Lords) by Michelle M. Pillow
Alice in Demonland by RaShelle Workman
Legends: Catori by maggie adams
The Bastard Prince by Patty Jansen
Paranormal University - First Semester by Michael Anderle
Barbarian Prince (Dragon Lords Book 1) by Michelle M. Pillow
Chosen by the Vampire Books 1-3 by Atlas Rose
Finding My Mate (Fated Mates) by Rylee Winters
The Magic Legacy by Martha Carr
Creatures of the Night School: Return to Sender by M. Telsch-Williams
Taken by Stacy Jones
Silver and Bone by Oliver Altair
The Alpha Claims A Mate by Georgette St. Clair
Proven by H.M.Clarke
Revelations by Kate Bonham
Damien's Dilemma by Julie K. Cohen
Valentino's Kiss by Tia Didmon
Ezaara by Eileen Mueller
Clarity (The Divine Potentials Book 1) by Ethan Stein
The Wolf of Ashford Manor by Toni Cox
Whispers of a Killer by Jen Haeger
Fangs For Nothing by Laura Greenwood
Twisted Magic 1 by Jo Ho
The Love of a Lycan: Shifter Academy Reverse Harem Book 1 by Veronica Corbyn
The Billion-were Needs A Mate by Georgette St. Clair
Return of the Dwarf King by Charley Case
Some Monsters Never Die by E.A.. Comiskey
One Loan Soul by L.B. Carter
The Hidden by CC Sommerly
Tiger's Heart, A BWWM Paranormal Romance by Julye Evans
Saints & Sinners Ball by Stacy M. Jones
Ingrid, The Viking Maiden by Kelly N. Jane
Innocence Lost by Patty Jansen
Bayfield by Grace Tydings
The Purple Haze by Andrew Einspruch
Lumina: Volume 1, The Dragonlite Legacy by Paddy Tyrrell
Savage Island by Victoria Dougherty
Austin Wyrd by Steve Curry
Cursed by Fire by Danielle Annett
Just Cause by Ian Thomas Healy
Sold to the Pack by J.S. Moore
Hades Academy: First Semester by Abbie Lyons
Wolf's Whisper by Arizona Tape
Elemental Rising by Toni Cox
The Savage King (Lords of the Var 1) by Michelle M. Pillow
Shadow's Voice by Natalie Johanson
Secrets of Redemption Box Set: Books 1-3 by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
All the Teacher's Beasts by N.J. Adel
The White Arrow by P. H. Solomon
Virgin Mate ARC copy by Tia Didmon
Cursed By The Crown by Hanleigh Bradley
The Seeds of Dissolution by William C. Tracy
Candy Conniptions by Lexie Winston
The Hidden Queen by Janelle Garrett
Quick Study by Katherine Kim
An Arrow Against the Wind by P. H. Solomon
Wolf's Man by Lynn Nodima
Heirs of Power by Kay MacLeod
Down on the Charm by E.L. Wilder
Academy of Elites: Untamed Magic by Alexis Calder
Evangeline and the Alchemist by Madeleine D'Este
The Hope for Dragonhold by M. M. Wedin
Soulless by Kate Rudolph
The Prince Of Abaddon by John Magister
Rebel Dragon by Steve Turnbull
Trials of Magic (The Hundred Halls Vol.1) by Thomas K. Carpenter
Uncanny Kingdom: Six-Book Series Starter Set by Uncanny Kingdom
Half Blood by Alijah Sawyer
The Shadow Rises by K.S. Marsden
Demon's Daughter by Amy Braun
Under Everest by D.H. Dunn
A Nereid for the Titan by Sotia Lazu
Heishi by Jeff Sabean
Emergence by Mysti Parker
Remnant by Arwen Chandler
Song of the Sending by Corinne O'Flynn
Snakes and Shadows by LMBPN Publishing
Fall For Me by K. A. Last
Fire In The Mind by Arjay Lewis
Taking Control by L.V. Lane
Birth of the Bacchae by Stephanie Mirro
Nightvision Twilight Shadows: First Chapter by C. H. Knyght
All Too Familiar by Belinda White
Legendary Triad by Rae Hendricks
Bartered to the Fae Lord by Rylee Winters
Hunted by Erica Woods
Her Lion Protectors by Lilly Wilder
Dragon Lords Blood Contract by Rylee Winters
Spell of the Magi by Gail Daley
It Began With a Lie by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)