Searching for your next favorite story?


Discover your next Happily Ever After with this selection of fairy tale retellings!

Spindles And Spells by Laura Greenwood
Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night by Laura Greenwood
Magic's Betrayal by Lorri Moulton
Beauty In Darkness by Elizabeth Briggs
The Door to Camelot by Suzannah Rowntree
Hunted by Mila Young
Queen Of Reflections by Laura Greenwood
Ella and Ash by K. A. Last
Dark Reign by Nikki Landis
Saints & Sinners Ball by Stacy M. Jones
Ruby's Choice by D.F. Jones
Balanced Scales by Laura Greenwood
Dante's Desire by Tia Didmon
Equinox by Lux Miller
Valentino's Kiss by Tia Didmon
Persistence of Vision by Liesel K. Hill
Broken Fae by Elle Lincoln
A Reluctant Huntress by Graceley Knox
Kingdom of Crowns and Glory by Laura Greenwood
Braids Of Silver by Laura Greenwood
King of the Unblessed by Michelle M. Pillow
Hungry Like a Wolf by Jessica Lynch
Guardians Mysteries by Anabel Bright
Outlawed by Hayley Osborn
Angels Of The Fallen: Lucifer by P.T. Macias
The Almost Queen by Laura Greenwood
Legends: kermode by maggie adams
The Seven Lives of Grace by Elena Shelest
Djinn's Desire by Kailin Gow
Siren's Barbarian Captor by Amber Ella Monroe
Eden Chronicles Book Set 1, Books 1,2,3 by James Erith
Fairer Tales by Maria Herring
Shades of Human by J.L. Myers
Tilting at Windmills by Troy Lambert
Paranormal Nonsense by steve higgs
Guardians Mission by Anabel Bright
Savage Island by Victoria Dougherty
The Witch's Kiss: The Everlasting Battle Between the Dark and the Light Side (Episodes 1&2) by Antara Mann
The Eye of the Beholder by Nicole Ciacchella
The Girl Who Cried Wolf by Edna Curry
Pine, Alive: A Futuristic Romance Retelling of Pinocchio by A.W. Cross
Helena by Grace Tydings
Haunted Wolf by Nikki Landis
Kingdom of Villains and Vengeance by Laura Greenwood
Dragon Fairest by Amberlyn Holland
Her Snow White Christmas (Snow Globe Magic Book 1) by Cara Marsi
Revenge on Guardians by Anabel Bright
Golden Wings by Laura Greenwood
Prince Poison by Klarissa King
Capturing a Heart by Samantha Rose