If you love fantasy, you're in the right place!


These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new books. Available for free for a limited time.

The Scorpion's Daughter by Juliet Vane
There's No Such Thing As Monsters by Ren Ryder
Wolf's Whisper by Arizona Tape
The Sword Chronicles: Child of the Empire by Michaelbrent Collings
Frost's Forfeit by Laura Greenwood
Journey to Aviad by Allison D. Reid
Cat Me If You Can by Gemma Thorne
Night's Gift by Carol E. Leever & Camilla Ochlan
Winter of the Gods and Other Stories by E.P. Clark
From the Ashes by Christopher Mitchell
Forbidden Boys by Chantal Cross
Dullahan: The Headless Knight by M.G. Darwish
Egyptian Cat Eye by DJ Shaw
The Mother Will Take her Due by Judith Starkston
Shatterwing by Donna Maree Hanson
Tales of Wind and Wolves by Juliet Vane
Write Like Hell: Dark Fantasy & Horror Anthology Vol. 1 by Mitchell Lüthi
The Red Rider by Randall Allen Dunn
God of Manna by the author
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal by Weiqi Wang
The Living Stone by MB Mooney
Jorgan the Sphere: A Foreshadowed Way by the author
Disciples of Trikaal by Varun Sayal
Blood & Moon by M.G. Darwish
Fireheart by Elina Vale
Unproven by Drew Briney
War Pigs by Jay Requard
Harlem Hex by Thomas Green
The Black Hussars by Mitchell Lüthi