Halloween is over...

So there's nothing to be afraid of. Or is there?

Aaron by ID Johnson
The Ridealong by Michaelbrent Collings
Murder To Die For by B.T. Lord
Mistress of Wolves by J.S. Moore
In Light of Death by D.W. Rigsby
Transformation by ID Johnson
So You Think Your Sister's a Vampire? by ID Johnson
Rewarded by AJ Ryder
The Last Sacrifice by V.T. Bonds
Reality Bites by Debbie Mumford
Write Like Hell: Dark Fantasy & Horror Anthology Vol. 1 by Mitchell Lüthi
Argony: A sci-fi short story by John Akers
Her Haunted Knight by Stella Marie Alden
Petrified by Alyssa Drake
The Secret Diary of Helen Blackstone by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
The Senator by Kim Faulks
Shifter Unleashed by Amber Ella Monroe
The Wannabes by F.R. Jameson
Dream Eater by A. V. Dalcourt
The Defiled by Sean Deville
The Death Run by Destiny Hawkins
Flying Fortress by Andrew Piazza
The Road From Death by Tobias Wade
Vestiges by S.L. Rowland
Disciples of Trikaal by Varun Sayal
Mated to the Enforcer (Sample) by Georgette St. Clair
The Bloody Chair: A Short Horror Story by Kate R Martin
3 Seconds in Bogotá - a South American travel adventure. by mark playne
The Box and The Bird by David Viergutz
Ravished by the Crown Prince 0 by Gabby Dark
Strange Start by Gayle Katz
The Inception Trilogy by Easton  Livingston
Claiming the Evil Dead by Mary Abshire
Legend Cove: Origins 1 by Taige Crenshaw
Red as Blood by Simone Leigh
The Refuge (PREVIEW) by E.G. Ellory
Wolf's Son by Lynn Nodima
Twisted Saga Collection 1: Twisted books 1 - 3 (SAMPLE) by Jo Ho
Alpha Wolf Defender by Emilia Hartley
The Commingling of Billy & Calliope: A Fox Tale by Bryon Cahill
Next-Door Cyborg by Nova Edwins
Angel Revelation by Mary Abshire
Penumbra by Nazri Noor
Spirit Hunger by Ella J. Smyth
Erased by Andre Gonzalez
Wilderness by Stephany Brandt
Mated to the Capo by Georgette St. Clair
Mated to the Prince by Georgette St. Clair
Reap & Repent by Lisa Medley
The Man From Beyond by Artyom Dereschuk
Raging Moon by Lea Jade
Freya Snow Pup Trilogy by L.C. Mawson
Shifters Of The Elements by Lark Sterling
Sample: Hexes and Vexes by Laura Greenwood
Carnage at the Christmas Party: A Mystery Novella by Holly Tierney-Bedord
Awakened by Moni Boyce
All the Teacher's Beasts by N.J. Adel
Stolen Magic by Joanna Mazurkiewicz
Forbidden Boys by Chantal Cross
Felled Part I: Chopped by L.B. Carter
From Time to Time [short story] by Ellison Blackburn
Wolf's Whisper by Arizona Tape
Matchmaking Beyond the Veil by Mara Townsend
Night Plague by Rowan Rook
Her Biker Twins by Lilly Wilder
Caught Between Dragons by Meg Ripley
First Hunt by Alexis Calder
Haunted by You by Liza Jonathan
Till Death & A Matter of Death by Victoria DeLuis
Choices: A Paranormal Romance Story by Nikki Bella
To Catch A Killer by Amelia Wilson
Ghostwalking: a Solomon Stone Prequel by E.G. Ellory
April's Ghosts by Juliet Vane
Cat Me If You Can by Gemma Thorne
The Red Rider by Randall Allen Dunn
Dark Vortex by Stella Marie Alden
Elite Power: Trent, Supreme Legacy by P.T. Macias
Special Ops Shifters: The Series Prequel by Spellbound Shifter Romance
Beautiful Death by Judith Holstrom
Dark Secrets by Emma Night
Legend Cove: Origins 2 by McKenna Jeffries
Netted- The Beginning by K.T. Rose
Matched With A Jaguar by Sultry Supernatural Reads
More Than Bargained by Veronica Eden
Bound by Sorcery Sample by Antara Mann
Powdered Souls, A Short Story by Dixon Reuel
The Abandoned House by Blake Croft - Horror and Supernatural Suspense Author
The Awakening by Mary Abshire
The Shadow Of The Thing by Tyler W. Kurt
Her Night with the Vampire by Nadia Heaton
A Very Shifty Christmas by Georgette St. Clair
The Traveling Circus by Mark Watson
The Flowers of Edo by Zoe Drake
Under the Stone Paw by Theresa Crater
A Bear's Treasure by Brittany White
Fortress Pentagon by Jason Winn
Claimed by the Wolf by Mia and Kayla Wolf
More Than A Feeling by Cate Dean
Brothers of Hades: Raines (Prequel) by Abbie Lyons
What the Cat Knew by P.D. Workman
The Book Of Witness, Volume #1 by Erick Mertz
Sorceress Found by Lisa Blackwood
1000 Things I Saw Before I Died by Sara Marks
Revenge Games: Victim? : Who is that? by Jane Lee Abraham
The Prelude by Sammie Joyce
Demon Hunter by Mary Abshire
Love Bitten by Sabrina C Rose
Daddy Wolves of the Wild Prequel by Serena Meadows
Angel On Watch by Veronica Conley
Dark Ride: A Novella by P.G. Kassel
THE SNOWDONIA KILLINGS - Sample plus link to FREE novel by Simon McCleave
Dark Queen by M.A. Roth
Gifted Lance by Brittany White
Rada (Chapter 1-15) by Tracy M Joyce
Demons of Time (Ten Percent Sample) by Varun Sayal
Wrong Memories - preview by Edna Curry
Raven's Tale by Jessica McBrayer
Through A Dragon's Eyes by Marissa Farrar by Alpha Obsession
My Protector Bear by Scarlett Ray
Fairplay Shifters Prequel by Serena Meadows
Marked by Love by Rosalie Redd
The Jaded Hunter by Michelle M. Pillow
Shifted Desires by Addison Carmichael
Blood Prince by Emma Night
The Vampire's Yoga Teacher by Callie Byron
Priestess of Truth by Laura Greenwood
Ghost Walls: A "Lost Identity" Tale by Bryon Cahill
Elusive: Identity by Jane Lee Abraham
Desired By The Alpha Tiger by Abigail Raines
Harper's Folly: A Mystery by Stacy M. Jones
American Alchemy: Gold by Oliver Altair
Forgiveness by Celeste Raye