Searching for your next favorite Mystery & Suspense / Sci-Fi & Fantasy story?

Try these short stories and samples. What you'll find here are stories that possibly include futurist technology, time slip happenings, hocus pocus, paranormal weirdness, or steampunk oddities.

If There Be Giants [preview] by Ellison Blackburn
From Time to Time [short story] by Ellison Blackburn
Mirror Image by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
First Package Causes Grief by Mary Abshire
Seventh by Debbie Mumford
Fantasies In the DayMare Zone by Julian M. Coleman
Buried Magic 10% excerpt (White Haven Witches Book 1) by TJ Green
Human Error by Stephanie Bretherton
The Refuge (PREVIEW) by E.G. Ellory
Origin of an Oracle by the author
Impact by Michael Herman
The Secret of Everdon Manor by L.C. Kincaide
It Began With a Lie by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
PREVIEW: Legacy of the Lost (chapters 1-5) by Lindsey Fairleigh
Ellenore Finds Her Muse by Orrin Jason Bradford
Ghost Crimes by JP McLean
The Imperial Alchemist (preview) by A. H. Wang
Lonely Hearts on Mars by Aurora Springer
Velvet Dreams by Jeff Dosser
Macabre Morsels by Jeff Dosser
Rise of Gaia by Kristin Ward
Hero by Belinda Crawford
Dire Wolf of the Quapaw by Phil Truman
Dear Father by Carol Buhler
The Waystation (A Fantasy Short Story) by Ross Hughes
I Am Not Thirteen by A.O. Monk
The Griffin: A Magian Short Story by MJ McGriff
The Shadow Of The Thing by Tyler W. Kurt
The Awakening by Mary Abshire
Straight Shots for Crooked Thoughts (Short Story) by James Livingood