Murder in the Dark


Dark, gritty murder mysteries. Because the creepiest things happen in the dark...

Not Far Enough From Worries by Colin Devonshire
The 1922 Club Murder: A Mystery by Stacy M. Jones
She Wore Mourning by P.D. Workman
Murder on the East China Sea by Mark Wm Smith
Merlot and Murder by Sandra Woffington
Best Kept Secret by Elsa Joseph
If The Bed Falls In by Paul Casselle
No More Heroes by Roo I MacLeod
A Trinity of Wicked Tales- Jilted by K.T. Rose
London Large: Blood on the Streets by Garry and Roy Robson
Who Murdered Uncle Ebenezer? 18K Small Town Estate Christian Cozy Mystery Series Book 1 by S.F. Nightingale
Tupelo Gypsy by Vito Zuppardo
Tidal Wave by David Berens
The Fixer by Mike Gomes
The Man Behind the Flames by Lauren Lee
Forgotten by Neven Carr
Payback by Geoff Palmer
The Donut Shop Murder by Suzanne Jenkins
Brownies and Dark Shadows by Amber Crewes
Pieces Of A Lie by Rowena Holloway
The Chocolate Killer by Michael Saunders
The Psychopath's Prisoner by Darla Lark
The Surrey Stalker by B.L. Pearce
Good Clean Murder by Traci Tyne Hilton
Killers, Bikers & Freaks: A Walt Asher Florida Thriller by Andrew Allan
One Last Breath by Elleby Harper
The Lollipop Girl (preview) by Syd Hart
The Girls Across the Bay by Emerald O'Brien
BUST by Ash Brunner
Death Wore White by Shelly Knox
My Dark Decline by Diane Ezzard
Genesis by Blair Howard
The Botanist by L.K. Hill
The Secret Rival by Rachel Woods
Bully For You by GARY KITTLE