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An I Bring the Fire Short Story by C. Gockel
Bad Magic by C. Gockel
Soul Marked by C. Gockel
Sword & Magic by Patty Jansen
Winter Wren by Miranda Honfleur
Maidens Wolf by Lisa Blackwood
Harry on the Run by Steve Turnbull
The Final Five by Carissa Andrews
The Five Hive Plateau by William C. Tracy
The Griffin: A Magian Short Story by MJ McGriff
Solstice by Paula M. Hunter
Just Anaz by Kaleb Schad
The Road From Death by Tobias Wade
One Flew Through the Dragon Heart by C. S. Johnson
The Red Rider by Randall Allen Dunn
The Pickpocket by Celine Jeanjean
Merchants and Maji by William C. Tracy
Clara by Suzanna J. Linton
Rising Storm by Lora Andrews
Mudlark by Clare Sager
Fortress Pentagon by Jason Winn
In Deception's Shadow by Lisa Blackwood
Sorceress Found by Lisa Blackwood
Rhuna, Keeper of Wisdom by Barbara Underwood
Silver and Shadows by Tracy Sharp
Unproven by Drew Briney
The Next God by MB Mooney
ORIGIN by Pedro Urvi
Demon Hunt by Thomas Green
Alabaster Island: The Mermaid Curse by M.S. Kaminsky
Rotten Magic by Jeffrey Bardwell
Martinis with the Devil by A.A. Chamberlynn
The Bard's Mission by Amber Morant
Wyvern's Trim and Other Stories by Nix Whittaker
The Alley of Secrets by Wes Grandmont III
The Fall of Vaasar by Rosalyn Kelly
Earth Shaker by Pauline Creeden
Dragonclaw Dare by Brian S. Ference
The Rifters by M, Pax
Nocturne by Natalya Capello
The G Crisis by Jason Winn
The Crimson Cobra by Thomas Green
Brothers of Hades: Raines (Prequel) by Abbie Lyons
Love is a Merciless God by Carissa Andrews
Persistence of Frost: A Study In Magic Short by Chris Kim
Salt & Steel by N A K  Baldron
The Traveler by Lovelyn Bettison
Heir to the Sundered Crown by M.S. Olney
MARKED by Pedro Urvi
Magic's Not Real by J.L. Hendricks
The Crimson Suitor by Tim Niederriter
Sukina's Story by Chris Behrsin
The Rise of the Ameedis (A Fantasy Prequel) by R.A. Lindo
Born of No Man by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Of Trolls and Evil Things by Richard H. Stephens
Wizards After Dark by AJ Martinez
Magian by Elisabeth Wheatley
Blood of the Wolf by Miranda Honfleur
Stone and String by Stephanie Flint