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Discover your next fantasy or paranormal lead with an LGBT main character. 

The Case Of The Night Mark by Arizona Tape
Night Work by steve higgs
Devourer: A Minister Knight Novel by Nicole Givens Kurtz
The Seeds of Dissolution by William C. Tracy
The Spirit Child by Alison Naomi Holt
Riwenne & the Mechanical Beasts by Kristen S Walker
Sophie: Witch-Hunter by K.S. Marsden
Alexis vs. the Afterlife by Marcus Alexander Hart
Hunter by J. V. Speyer
The Dragons of Esternes by Steve Turnbull
Valkyrie 101 by Arizona Tape
Wolf's Whisper by Arizona Tape
Reign of Morgana by Brittni Chenelle
The Hope for Dragonhold by M. M. Wedin
A Swan for Christmas (Vale Valley Season One) Chapters 1 & 2 by M.M. Wilde
MATE by Jessa Stone
Just a Taste by Charlie Tran
Another Stupid Spell by Bill Ricardi
Parakeets and Pentagrams by Hazel Reed
Winter Trials by K.S. Marsden