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Magian by Elisabeth Wheatley
Breach by Bronwyn Leroux
Ziegfeld Zaggar, Quantum Detective & the Dirty Rotten, Sarcastic Multiverse [Preview Sample] by Greg Montego
Destiny of Kings by Fiona Tarr
Oathbreaker by Aaron Hodges
Frost's Forfeit by Laura Greenwood
Angel Feather by Bill Hiatt
Penumbra by Nazri Noor
The Arrival by Nicole MacDonald
Monster Bomb - Trailer by Jack Olio
Mermaid's Destiny (Preview) by Mira Crest
The Key of Amatahns by Elisabeth Wheatley
Kiss of Frost by Graceley Knox
Assassin Hunter by Drew Briney
Ignite by Emerald Dodge
The Five Hive Plateau by William C. Tracy
The King's Own Tournament (A Fantasy Short Story) by Ross Hughes
The Crimson Cobra by Thomas Green
Winter Trials by K.S. Marsden
The Gatekeepers of Genthor by Regina Clarke
The Way of Mathias by Robert McDermott
Angel Revelation by Mary Abshire
Wolf's Whisper by Arizona Tape
The Awakening by Mary Abshire
A Thorne in Time by Lorel Clayton
Unproven by Drew Briney
Journey to Aviad by Allison D. Reid
Gift of Curses by Amir Lane
The G Crisis by Jason Winn
An I Bring the Fire Short Story by C. Gockel
Apocalyptic Records by DJ Shaw
Servant of the Crown by Paul J Bennett
Divine Fraud by Thomas Green
The Rifters by M, Pax
The Teen Witch Rebirth by Laura Marie
The Knight's Secret by Jeffrey Bardwell
Revelations by Kate Bonham
The Rise of the Ameedis (A Fantasy Prequel) by R.A. Lindo
The Final Five by Carissa Andrews
Preview of The Sign of the Symean (A Fantasy Adventure Book One) by R.A. Lindo
Darkness Forged by Matt Larkin
Blackmark (The Kingsmen Chronicles #1) by Jean Lowe Carlson
Spell-Bound by Clare Blanchard
The Wombanditos by Andrew Einspruch
The Holly & the Ivy by J. A. Clement
The Shadow Rises by K.S. Marsden
Sky Keeper Preview by S.M. Gaither
Princess of Thorns Short Story by Tessonja Odette
The Golden Thread by Alex Hayes
Unleash by Lauren Harris
Maidens Wolf by Lisa Blackwood
The Gifts of Fate by David T Myers
Simon Grey and the March of the Hundred Ghosts (preview) by Charles Kowalski
Finn Featherstone by Stevie Collier
Wicked Gleam by Risa Fey
A Fistful of Evil by Rebecca Chastain
Roguelike by Paul Bellow
World-Crossed Lovers by Bill Hiatt
Demon Hunt by Thomas Green
Black Crow by Jen Pretty
Winter Wren by Miranda Honfleur
The Dragonslayer's Sword by Resa Nelson
The Jigsaw Blade (5 Chapter Sample) by Stevie Collier
Demons of Time (Ten Percent Sample) by Varun Sayal
Chosen: Curse of the Draekon Book One by Samantha Britt
Neverland by Jeff Dosser
Cursed Boa Riverson by Elina Vale
A Sprig of Holly by J. A. Clement
Apollo's Desire Short Story by Mila Young
Song of Shadows by Sylvia Mercedes
Bad Magic by C. Gockel
Monsters of Myth by No Compromise Media
Tame the Spark by Jessica Lynch
Magic of the Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain
James: Witch-Hunter by K.S. Marsden
Star Cat: Origins by Andrew Mackay
Trelloran Seduction Sample by Georgia Carter Mathers
The Killings at Rockman's Ford by D.W. Hawkins
Through Titan's Trail by Austin Dragon
Fortress Pentagon by Jason Winn
Stone and String by Stephanie Flint
Deadlines & Dryads by Rebecca Chastain
Surrender by Michelle Wilson
A Matter of Scale by Jonathon Burgess
Dragonclaw Dare by Brian S. Ference
Cesar: A Dark Paranormal Romance Novel (The Demon Lover by Julian M. Coleman
Silken Scales by Alex Hayes
Egyptian Cat Eye by DJ Shaw
Cicada Summer by Jeff Dosser
The Beginner's Guide to Selling Your Soul, Volume 1: Dancing with Demons Preview and Bonus Prequel by Jason Paul Rice
Bound By Blood by Tiffany Shand
Cyrus LongBones and the Curse of the Sea Zombie by Jeremy Mathiesen
Lily Bowers and The Uninvited Guest by Jess Lohmann
Rebirth (Land of Shifters Book One) Preview by Mira Crest
The Torn Fairy: New Adult Fantasy Romance (Preview) by Mira Crest
Amena's Rise to Stardom! by Kristen S Walker
The Bard's Mission by Amber Morant
Rot 1 by Aidan J. Reid
Wounds: Angels Falling Book 1 (Preview) by Risa Fey
The Power of the Crystalline Trees by g.c. ramirez
Clarity - An Ascent to Madness by Ethan Stein
Orphan's Price by N A K  Baldron
Fledgling by CF WELBURN
Fire & Ice by Patty Jansen
Arvid, Aslaug and the Undead (A Fantasy Short Story) by Ross Hughes
The Branded Rose Prophecy by Tracy Cooper-Posey
The Elyrian by D.P. Rowell
Voice of the Sword by John Paul Catton
Persistence of Frost: A Study In Magic Short by Chris Kim
Men of Portal to Fantasy by Portal to Fantasy
Alabaster Island: The Mermaid Curse by M.S. Kaminsky
GREY by Kade Cook
Ziegfeld Zaggar, Quantum Detective: the Shroud of the Basternicks by Greg Montego
Rescue by F. E. Greene
Guild of Tokens: Trainee by Jon Auerbach
Elements of Ether by Ryan Muree
Marked-A Short Story Prequel by Katrina Cope