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Ishtar's Blade by Lisa Blackwood
The Dragon Mistress: Book 1 by R. A. Steffan
Apollo Is Mine - sample by Mila Young
Gargoyle Awakening by Lisa Blackwood
Meow by Skye MacKinnon
Moonlight Inn: Mated by Leigh Kelsey
Song for a Lost Kingdom, Book I by Steve Moretti
Shadow Walker by Anya J Cosgrove
Werebear's Baby Contract by Heartbeat Reads
Royal Dragon Daddy by Meg Ripley
Souls and Shadows by Jenny Foster
Vitaortus Book One by Dea Schofield
5,001 by Tracy Cooper-Posey
The Captive by Jenny Foster
Compelled by the Vampire by Kellie McAllen
Claiming the Evil Dead by Mary Abshire
Partnership by Bella Sterces
Werebears Of Big Bend Box Set by Meg Ripley
The Huntsman by Pylen James
The Prince's Prisoner by Klarissa King
Scythe by Mercy Hollow
Forever & The Power of One: The Forever Series, Book 1 & 2 by Eve Newton
Cast From Heaven by Leigh Kelsey
Awakening Angel by Eva Brandt
Fairplay Shifters by Serena Meadows
Abducted by Magic by Kelli McCracken
Broken by Kate Bonham
Vitaortus Book Three by Dea Schofield
Claiming Her Mates: Book One by Dia Cole
Furbidden Attraction: A Cursed Romance by R. O'Leary
Claimed By The Dragons by Lilly Wilder
Eve of the Fae by E. Menozzi
Mate of the Beast by Sonia Nova
First Queen of the Gryphons by Lisa Blackwood
Battlefield Love (Operation Cupid #1) sample chapter by Mila Young
The Mars Diaries (box set) by Skye MacKinnon
Air of Darkness by Rose O'Brien
A Werewolf State of Mind by Lucy Felthouse
Flame Kissed by Annie Anderson
Valentino's Kiss by Tia Didmon
Pine, Alive: A SciFi Fairy Tale Romance by A.W. Cross
WRECKED by Franca Storm
The Dragon I Fell in Love With by Mary Abshire
The Fortress of Time: a time travel romance (Called by a Viking series Book 1) by Mariah Stone
FATED DESIRE by Franca Storm
Greyson's Doom by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Knight by Addison Carmichael
Vitaortus Book Two by Dea Schofield
Earth Shattering by Cathy Peper
Circle of Blood Book One: Lover's Rebirth by R. A. Steffan
Mated to the Bear by Mia and Kayla Wolf
Mated to the Capo by Georgette St. Clair
The Torn Fairy: New Adult Fantasy Romance (Preview) by Mira Crest
Shadow Moon by Jenny Foster
Love of Olympia by Kennedy K King
Jake's Redemption by Jamie Schulz
HEARTS by Klarissa King
Heir by Addison Carmichael
Ruby, Blood is Thicker Than Water by TL Christianson
Rogue Start Box Set 1 by Elin Wyn
Vengeance Unveiled by Zoey Indiana
Beloved Rebel by Eva Brandt
Yesterday's Legacy by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Captive Wildfire by Eva Brandt
Kiss of Frost by Graceley Knox
ONYX by Nikki Landis
The Dragon Heiress: The Dragon Realms, Book 1 by Eve Newton
Magic Destiny by Kate Gellar
Wolf's Secret by Julye Evans
The Last Vampire: Book One by R. A. Steffan
Soul Mates Book 1 (Preview) by Mira Crest
Scion of the Sorceress by Lisa Blackwood
Cosmic Passions by Spellbound Shifter Romance
Black Magic Voodoo by Nikki Landis
Wild Hearts: Circle of Darkness, Book One by Eve Newton
Hathor Legacy: Outcast by Deborah A Bailey
Vampire Game by Leigh Kelsey
Claiming Her Fire Marshals Sales by Georgia Carter Mathers
Clara, Dreaming: A SciFi Fairy Tale Romance by A.W. Cross
Guards to the Dragon by Mia and Kayla Wolf
Mating The Alpha: (A Shifter Reverse Harem Series) by Celeste Raye
Guardian Witch by Valia Lind
Grim by Mercy Hollow
Sins of the Heart by Eve Silver
Rebirth (Land of Shifters Book One) Preview by Mira Crest
Inside the Flame by Rose O'Brien
Shifter Nation: East Coast Bears Collection by Meg Ripley
Hunter's Passion ARC by Tia Didmon
Royal Dragon Bind: Royal Dragon Shifters of Morocco #1 by Ava Ward
Dragon's First Shift by Serena Meadows
Scarlet, Taming the Thirst by TL Christianson
River Clan Shifters by Celeste Raye
Vengeance Due by Zoey Indiana
Wolves of Gypsum Creek by Serena Meadows
Fate by Kate Bonham
The Hunt: The Complete Edition by Liz Meldon
Blade's Destiny (Advanced Review Copy) by Lisa Blackwood
Blade's Honor by Lisa Blackwood
Forbidden Darkness by Scarlett West
His Enemy Mate by Bailey Dark
Dungari Rise: A Sci-Fi Erotic Romance by Nikki Landis