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Her Haunted Knight by Stella Marie Alden
Black Horse by A.C. Williams
Say Yes: Ian by Amelia Mae
Lions and Lies by Kim Faulks
Snug Harbor by Rie Anders
Kenny's Beginning by E.C. Land
Target' by Simone Leigh
False Start by Stella Marie Alden
Arctic by Courtney Lynn Rose
Ruby (Sneak Peek) by TL Christianson
Royally Charmed by Lea Jade
Revival by Elizabeth Knox
Defiance by Kristen Luciani
About That... by Sylvie Stewart
Damien - Forbidden Wishes Series by Adrian Stark
Desired (4 Chapter Sample) by Jessa Bell
The Sugar Cube by Rebecca Howard
The Dented Crown by J. V. Speyer
Big Gun by Dani Stowe
The Senator by Kim Faulks
Crimson, Secrets and Lies of a Living Vampire by TL Christianson