The Holiday Paperback Sale!

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Awaken (Fated Fantasy Adventure Book 1) by Humphrey Quinn
Wilde & Witchy the Complete Series by Ruby Raine
True Blue Detective by Vito Zuppardo
Claus: Legend of the Fat Man (A Science Fiction Adventure) by Tony Bertauski
Red Lands Outlaw by Phil Truman
Danger at the Dive Shack by Donna Amis Davis
A Cowboy's Recipe for Romance by Amy Proebstel
The Stolen Twin by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
Ignition by Emma Shelford
Late for Dinner by M K Scott
Elite Power: Trent, Supreme Legacy by P.T. Macias
One Night in Tehran: A Titus Ray Thriller by Luana Ehrlich
Cat Me If You Can by Gemma Thorne
The Errant Heirs Caper by C.H. Sessums
Diffusion by Stan C. Smith
The Scent of Wrath by Greta Boris
Ferdie and The Seven, book one:  When the Angels are Gone by Larry Buenafe
West of the Dead Line by Phil Truman
The Lost Girls by Helen Pryke
The Last Lie She Told by K. J. McGillick
troubled (Lynlee Lincoln Series PG-13 version) by Olivia Hardin
A Fair Time For Death by Adriana Licio
Glad One: Crazy is a Relative Term by Margaret Lashley
The Healer's Secret by Helen Pryke
War's Ending by A.J. Park
Nanomachine War - Book 1, Paperback by Don Viecelli
The First Ladies Club by J.B. Hawker
The Christmas Walk Caper by JB Michaels
The Missing Sapphire of Zangrabar by steve higgs
Hidden in Stone by Regina Clarke
It Began With a Lie by Michele PW (Pariza Wacek)
Dire Wolf of the Quapaw by Phil Truman
In The Blood by H. B. Lyne
The Savage War by Esther Wallace
Death by Tradition by B.M. Allsopp
The Clearing - DSA Season One, Book One by Lou Paduano
Singular by Larry Buenafe
Outside Ascension by Amy Proebstel
Clarity (The Divine Potentials Book 1) by Ethan Stein
Tupelo Gypsy by Vito Zuppardo
Murder on the Road by Adriana Licio
Servant of the Crown - Paperback by Paul J Bennett
A Mystery Before Christmas by Adriana Licio
Alien Storm Paperback by Don Viecelli
The Rift In Our Reality by Amy Proebstel