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The Books:


Widow Walk: A Novel, by Gar LaSalle. A Game of Thrones-style saga set in 1850's frontier-era Pacific Northwest that follows a woman's journey to save her family amid a changing world. Book I in a 5 book saga, this award-winning novel was recently optioned for the screen.  

The Executions: A Novel, by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer. It’s 1892, Indian Territory. A war is brewing in the Choctaw Nation as two political parties fight out issues of old and new ways. Caught in the middle is eighteen-year-old Ruth Ann, a Choctaw who doesn’t want to see her family killed.

A Second Daniel: In the Den of the English Lion #1, by Neal Roberts. A "Tudor Intrigue" set in the late 1500’s, this story follows an orphan turned royal on his quest to stop a sinister plot that threatens to expose his secret

The Quickening: A Ghost Story, by Mari Bella. A traditional haunted house story set in the Victorian Age, this story explores the boundaries between perception and reality, religion and science, and truth and mystery.

Threads of The War, Volume I, by Jeremy Strozer. Truth-Inspired Flash-Fiction of War in the 20th Century, these gripping accounts of warfare give rich new life to stories that may otherwise be forgotten

Ancient Matriarchs: Avenging Angel, a Micro Story, by Angelique Conger. While traveling together, later in life, Adam is captured. Fearing the captures will take his life, Eve has to find a way to get him away.

Servant of the Gods: Search for the Golden Serpent, by Luciana Cavallari. Architect Evan Chronis is thrust into the past and he must risk his life in search of powerful, treasured relics older than the Holy Grail return to his return to 21st century life.

Widow Walk by Gar LaSalle
The Quickening: A Ghost Story by Mari Biella
The Executions by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer
Threads of The War, Volume I: Personal Truth-Inspired Flash-Fiction of The 20th Century's War by Jeremy Strozer
Avenging Angel A Micro Story by Angelique Conger
Search for the Golden Serpent by Luciana Cavallaro
A Second Daniel by Neal Roberts