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Good News by Javier D. Esteban
Starscraper by J. Benjamin
The Dragon Commander by Kennedy K King
Ziegfeld Zaggar, Quantum Detective: the Shroud of the Basternicks by Greg Montego
Demons of Time (Ten Percent Sample) by Varun Sayal
The God Gene - YA Version by Dean C. Moore
Emain Ablach by Martin D Birch
THE MAGIC LIST: Girl Invictus by Mark Tiro
The Technician by C.P. James
Mi Sueno Perfecto- A Skin Trials Prequel Novella by S.Y. Humphrey
Opening Salvos by Frank Kennedy
Battlegroup Vega: The Beginning by Anders Raynor
The Descendants by Destiny Hawkins
Matryoschka: Causality is Optional by Terry Gene
Ziegfeld Zaggar, Quantum Detective & the Dirty Rotten, Sarcastic Multiverse [Preview Sample] by Greg Montego
The Stranger: A Long Night Story by Kevin Partner
Murphy's Star by C. Gockel
An Untimely End [preview] by Ellison Blackburn
Assassin Hunter by Drew Briney
Virtue Us [preview] by Ellison Blackburn
Hypercage - Instant Reality Prequel One by Craig Lea Gordon
Alien Storm by Don Viecelli