Looking for something new to read while you bundle up?


Look no further! These bestselling Christian authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new books.

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Now It Will Spring Forth (Gentle Version) by Alyce-Kay Ruckelshaus
Vain Pursuits by J.B. Hawker
Avenging Angel A Micro Story by Angelique Conger
Contingency by Paula Wiseman
Poisoned Legacy by Jenny Wheeler
Living Forward, Looking Backward by Nate Nasralla
Dare To Share A Dream by Lorri Moulton
Bullied : A short story by Robert McDermott
The Way of Mathias by Robert McDermott
William's War (preview) by Robert McDermott
The Dragons of Alsace Farm by Laurie Lewis
Sisters Of Binghamton: The Prequel by Charity Phillips
She Is Wisdom by Auri Blest
Pink Heaven: A Short Story by Suzanne Jenkins
Love's Harvest by Linda Shenton Matchett
Sword of Peace by Louisa M Bauman
The Rigs by Courtenay Kasper
Ordinary Snowflakes by Jennifer Rodewald
Her Billionaire Dilemma: A Clean Romance by Gigi Marlowe
An Unexpected Afterlife by Dan Sofer
Matchmaker by Evangeline Kelly
Dare To Cross The Water by Lorri Moulton
In Plain Sight by Rose Verde
Obama's Dream: The Journey That Changed the World by Abdiel LeRoy
Cholama Moon by Anne Schroeder
The Christmas Tree by Abdiel LeRoy
When God Gives a Dream: Reaching Your Impossible Dream in Gods Power by Kelly Langston
Hugo, Painter Place Saga 2 by Pamela Poole
The Living Stone by MB Mooney
Battlecry by Emerald Dodge
Ignite by Emerald Dodge