Short Month Leaving You Short on Reading Time?


We've got you covered! These amazing short stories and novellas won't take up much of your precious time, but they will deliver a full dose of entertainment. Have fun browsing this range of fantasy, mystery, romance, thrillers, and other fiction!!

The Frozen Flame Prequels by Paul J Bennett
Piano Lessons - A Short Story by D.B. Corey
Flying Blind by Cameron Cooper
The Global Fellowship by Christiane Joy Allison
Written In Blood by L.T. Grundy
Buffalo Dogs by Lawrence M. Schoen
Sigma Protocol by Michael Penmore
Parthenium's Year by Stan C. Smith
Lily:  A Short Story by Stevie Turner
Finding David by Stevie Turner
The Bargain: A Short Story by Clara C. Johnson
Guardians Mission by Anabel Bright
SuperCell - Critical Incident #1 (a novella) by Douglas Dorow
Murder by the Roadside by Colin Conway
All of My Days by Lasairiona E McMaster
White Roses In The Window by M'Lissa Moorecroft
Becoming Dawn Knight by Brigitta Moon
Dreaming of Death by Jewels Arthur
Dani's Demons by Deb Logan
Just For One Night (An Alice Worth Novella) by Lisa Edmonds
The Wind Mage of Maijev by Stephanie Flint
Delayed Justice by D. E. Heil
Oneira the Dream Maker by Stephanie Mirro
Guiding Light by Noelle Nichols
Dear Father by Carol Buhler
Out of Options by Dianne Ascroft
Birthday Party by Marianne Sciucco
Blood Evidence Book 2 by L.T. Grundy
Farr by Carol Buhler
Wrath and Wing by Megan O'Russell
The Biker's Gift Royal Bastards MC by Nikki Landis
Magic of the Gargoyles by Rebecca Chastain
A Mother's love by Sean Deville
Death of a Hero by B.M. Allsopp
Once Upon A Time: The Ballad Of The Black Bronco by Erick Mertz
The Case Of The Puppy Academy by Arizona Tape
The Five Hive Plateau by William C. Tracy
Malware by Simon Kewin
Riding Shotgun by J.B. Reynolds
A Touch of Steel by Francis Rondon
Spellbound Lovers Volume 1 by Lorna Michael's
Wingless: The Wing Collector Short Story Prequel by Kristi Helvig
Virulence by Greg Prado
More than Ashes by Isabella Muir
Elite Power: Carlos by P.T. Macias
The Billionaire's Joyous Weekend by Tara Brent
Horrors Next Door by Tom Coleman
Merry Witchmas, Mom: Santa Cruz Witch Academy Holiday Special by Kristen S Walker
Mapping Shadows (Short Thrills 3) by E.G. Ellory
Punished By Silence: A Cozy Mini-Mystery by Jwyan C. Johnson
When The Monsters Come by Kennedy K King
Lone Survivor by Nikki Landis
Carried Away (Baby, I Do Book 2) by Kayla Kelly
Knock, Knock, Bang, Bang You're Dead by M'Lissa Moorecroft
The Boy Who Wasn't There by Kristi Helvig
Luke by Toni Cox
Dandy Detects: A Victorian San Francisco Story by M. Louisa Locke
Doors: A Horror Novelette by Cora Clark
The Tiger Temple by Steven Moore
Revenge on Guardians by Anabel Bright
Black Magic Voodoo by Nikki Landis
Dying for a Cuppa by Linda Gordon Hengerer
The Samurai Code by Steven Moore
Square Pegs by J.B. Reynolds
Christmas on the Anvil by Michael Penmore
Neon Zero - Full Book by Adam J Smith
Cinderella Lane: A Romantic Suspense by Alicia Donovan
The Wedding of Ginger & Basil by Lee Strauss
Blood In The Eye Of The Storm Book 3 by L.T. Grundy
Entropy's Allegience by Mikkell K Khan
The Deserter and Other Stories by Norma Huss
First Queen of the Gryphons by Lisa Blackwood
Merchants and Maji by William C. Tracy
Kana Cold: Case of the Shinigami by KC Hunter
Tuning the Symphony by William C. Tracy
At The Bottom Of The Stairs by M'Lissa Moorecroft
72 Hours in Savannah by Jeff Stanger
Wolf's Heart by Lynn Nodima
Killing Symphony by E.G. Ellory
The Refuge (Short Thrills 2) by E.G. Ellory
Gladys by Carol Buhler
Robbery at the Roller Derby by Ellen Jacobson
Gorgonise Me by George Saoulidis
Guardians Mysteries by Anabel Bright
Her Highland Laird by Debbie Mumford
Stockholm by Sebastyen Dugas
The Killer Inside Me by Brigitta Moon
The Seer's Fate by Christine Amsden
Of Dust and Sand: a sci-fi short story collection by Allen Kuzara
Remember to Forget: 2nd Edition: A Cozy Mini-Mystery by Jwyan C. Johnson
Illegal Alien by Paul Anlee
The Golem of Prague by Steven Moore
Skyborn: Ignite by Hannah Parker
The Shotgun's Wedding: A Cozy Mini-Mystery by Jwyan C. Johnson
Wolf's Mate by Lynn Nodima
Domna, Part One: The Sun God's Daughter by Tammie Painter
13th Hour: Tales from Light to Midnight by Tammie Painter
Countdown Cafe by Kristi Helvig
The Evergreen Motel: Sleepless (Part One) by Marc Layton
Final Breath by Clint Lowe
Adolescent Love by Bantu
The Portrait by L.V. Pires
Wolf's Sorrow by Lynn Nodima
The Raven and The Witch Hunter: Volume 3 The Wedding by H. M. Gooden
Winter Trials by K.S. Marsden
A Night On The Town by K.C. Sivils
Dawn of the Sorceress by Lisa Blackwood
Master of the Hunt by Lisa Blackwood
Under a Blue Moon by steve higgs
The Art of Cigarette Smoking by J.B. Reynolds
Bearly Breathing by C.D. Gorri
Supply and Demand by C.C. Edmonston