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Rogue Stars: 7 Novels of Space Exploration and Adventure by C. Gockel
Archangel Down by C. Gockel
Soon's Folly by Eric Warren
Space Pirate Roberts by Jay A Toney
Assassin Hunter by Drew Briney
Anti Life by Allen Kuzara
Falcon's Call by Mike Waller
Uninvited by Carol Buhler
God of Manna by the author
Maverick Origins by Marjorie King
Deceptive Visions by Daniel McMillan
The Five Hive Plateau by William C. Tracy
Outpost Delta-Three by Thomas Webb
Illiya by J J Mathews
Ship Seeker by Spencer Maxwell
Resilience by Cameron Cooper
L'enfer, c'est la Solitude by Joe Vasicek
Charlotte's Army by Patty Jansen
A Poisoned Mind by Andre Gonzalez
The Worth of a World by Rick A. Allen
Amber Vial by Frost Kay
Get On Board Little Children by the author
Sacrifice of the Sinners by Lindsey Fairleigh
Jorgan the Sphere: A Foreshadowed Way by the author
Fractured Carapace by James Murdo
Red Gambit by Luke Mitchell
Brothers in Exile by Joe Vasicek
The Shadowverse: A YA Sci-Fi Superhero Adventure by John-Clement Gallo
The Sphere of Infinity by Day Leitao
Polaris Rogue by J.D. Forrest
First of Their Kind by C. D. Tavenor
Talon the Gladiator by A. A. Warren
The God Gene - YA Version by Dean C. Moore
INFINITY: A Bridger's Origin by Stan C. Smith
Let There Be Light: A Short Story by C. Gockel
Descent of the Maw by Erin MacMichael
Merchants and Maji by William C. Tracy
The Girl: A Sanctuary's Aggression Novelette by Maira Dawn
Passing In The Night by Michael Kingswood
Rise of the Inquisitor by R. E. Graham
Portal by Daniel Young
Justice in an Age of Metal and Men by Anthony W. Eichenlaub
Soldier of Charity by Luke Mitchell
Tabitha's Vacation by Michael Anderle
Fractured Memories by Jo Schneider
Disciples of Trikaal by Varun Sayal
Combat Genesis by Misty Zaugg
Race by Belinda Crawford
Chaos Rising by Kyla Stone