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Chrissy a la Carte by Genevieve Lerner
Absolute Zero: Misadventures From A Broad by Margaret Lashley
What Remains Unsaid by Audrey Kalman
Post it Notes by James King
Patchouli Lost (Short Story) by Tyler W. Kurt
The House With its Feet in the Sea by Rosanne Dingli
Wanted in Paradise by Kate Ashenden
Hands off My Billionaire by Nikki Larson
Master of the House by Suzy K Quinn
Delayed Justice by D. E. Heil
Summer Song: Journey Home by Jeanne Felfe
But did you die? by Lasairiona E McMaster
Widow Maker by Dixon James
The Bad Mother's Diary by Suzy K Quinn
Painted Truths and Prayer Beads by Nillu Nasser
A New Kind of Zeal by Michelle Warren
Snowdrops and Stardust by Sue Lilley
A Christmas Proposal: A Peas and Carrots Short Story by Hannah Lynn
Bella: An Appalachian Love Story by Valerie Davisson
The Last Good Day by Robert Kugler
Intimate Strangers by Lasairiona E McMaster
The Merchandiser by Author Chad Schimke
Higher Justice by D. E. Heil
Things That Fall by Stephanie Bretherton
What Friends Are For by J.B. Reynolds
LIGHTS UP by Brianna Stark
Unexpected meeting by Soya Nano
Painting Rainbows by Sue Lilley
If There Be Giants [preview] by Ellison Blackburn
A House for Keeping (Preview) by Matteson Wynn
The Composition of Order by Hilary Dartt
Single Dad in Studio 7D by M A Clarke Scott
Vivified by Author Chad Schimke
Coffee and Vodka by Helena Halme
THE WAR SECRET by Ivanka White
What Happens in New York by Kristina Adams
Living Apart Together (Book 1) by Elise Darcy
First Love by Michele L. Mathews
Monsters by Ana Carolina Pereira
Rise of the Phoenix - Excerpt by T. Isajanyan
Nineteen by Arly Carmack
Emergency Love by Elle Woods
Are You Him? by John Sheirer
Practical Wisdoms @ Work by Lynn M. Whitbeck
Beautiful, Complicated Family: Volume 2 by Rosey Lee
The Butterfly And The Bear by Gary Milsom
Flash Back [preview] by Ellison Blackburn
Let The Games Begin by Merri Maywether
Flash by James King
Ignoring Gravity by Sandra Danby
Millionaire Soldier: Her Marine Hero by Mia Dailey
Jagged Dawn by Valerie Davisson
The Story of Us - Sample by Lana Kortchik
Midwinter by Author Chad Schimke
Driven: Racing, Rivalry Revenge by TM Thorne
Epona by Michelle Dalton
The Road Leads Back by Marci Bolden