Are you looking for your next favorite series?

Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer the first novels in their popular series. Available for free for a limited time.



Until You Set Me Free (Until You #1) by D.M. Davis
Take Me Away by Rachel Kirwin
Porter the Importer by Ariella Talix
Mated to the Capo (Sample) by Georgette St. Clair
Kingdom Cold by Brittni Chenelle
Held by T.K. Barber
Wanted in Paradise by Kate Ashenden
Beaunoir and Blood by Sandra Woffington
Falling For Jack by Jessa York
Second Chance Charmer by Brighton Walsh
Shifters Of The Elements by Lark Sterling
Passion in Paris by Allie Hayden
Leave Me Breathless: The Lilac Collection by Dakota Willink
A Slice of Solace by Mikayla Ryan
Dockery Shifters Prequel by Ellen Lane
Good Luck Daddy by Allysa Hart and Rayanna Jamison
Tell Me What You Want by Susan Sheehey
Rich Boyfriend, Famous Boyfriend by Leigh Ban
Rose Of Ebony by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Wet and Wild by Chris Marie Green
Lily by R.M. Walker
Unexpected meeting by Soya Nano
A Dangerous Reality by Layla Wolfe
Say Yes: Ian by Amelia Mae
Sweet Temptations by L.M. Mountford
Heat by Nicolina Martin
The Edge of Torment (Part I) by R.B. O'Brien
Valentino's Kiss by Tia Didmon
A Beautiful Risk 1st 3 Chapters by Colette Dixon
Virgin Mate by Tia Didmon
The Sugar Cube by Rebecca Howard
Celebrity by Sienna Snow
Pieces of You + Me: The Keats by JoJo Quinn
Legally in Love by Mavis Williams
The Winds of Glenhoolie by Gail Harkins
Fake Fiancee Fiasco - (Preview) by Natasha Queen
The Senator by Kim Faulks
One S'more Summer by Beth Merlin
Zoey: Dr. Richards Littles 1 by Pepper North
Chances Are... by Traci Wooden-Carlisle
Uncovering Lily (excerpt) by Rene Webb
Mia's Men by Lucy Felthouse
Their Highland Beginning by Celeste Barclay
Big Gun by Dani Stowe
Neesa: The Original Reality Book Series 2nd Edition by Dina Haynes
Her Firefighter by Kat Catesby
The Hunter's Game Sample by Logan Fox
Short Game by Amy Pinkston
Her Mercy by Elizabeth Barone
A Dream of White Horses by Simone Leigh
Charmed by the Knight by Lydia Greene
Her Wild Coast Outlaw by Dakota Davies
Beholden to You by Molly Sloan
TWISTED LIES by Sedona Venez
The First Night by Freya Lawson
Eric by Jody Kaye
Power of Love by Anne Conley
Duly Noted by HM Shander
Defiance by Kristen Luciani
Going Rogue by Louise Rose-Innes
Revival by Elizabeth Knox
Sleepless November by Kelsey Clayton
Gwynneth Ever After by Linda Poitevin
Too Bad... I Am Taken! by Emma Vikes
Tethered Souls: The Elder Chronicles by Kelli McCracken
About That... by Sylvie Stewart
Hate That I Love You by Alexis Winter
Adoring Addi - Extended Excerpt by Kristin MacQueen
Love in Ocean Grove by Anna Catherine Field
Hating Lucas by Nicci Carlyle
Marin's Promise by Madeline Martin
The Royal Companion by Tanya Bird
There's Always a Catch: Christmas Key Book One by Stephanie Taylor
Dare To Do Me (excerpt) by Cady Gilmore
Rumor Has It (Dirty Love #0.5) by R.L. Kenderson
As You Turn Away by Molli Moran
The Catch by Avery Scott
Trouble Me by Eliza Peake
Freezing Touch by Nikki Bloom
The Extra by Megan Walker and Janci Patterson
Bound to the Past by Libby Campbell
Love Potions by Michelle M. Pillow
HIGHLAND VENGEANCE: The Macleans - The Highlands Trilogy by K.E. Saxon
Consumed by Magic by Kelli McCracken