Searching for your next dark and dystopian read during the cool of autumn?


Never fear! The following authors have combined their writings to offer you a giveaway that's sure to keep you reading until morning.

Days Since... Tyler: Day 378 by Robert Wilson
Tanked by Joshua C. Chadd
Combat Genesis by Misty Zaugg
Sacrifice of the Sinners by Lindsey Fairleigh
The Pain Colony by Shanon Hunt
Nobility by Mason Dakota
Skin Trials by S.Y. Humphrey
No More Heroes by Roo I MacLeod
The Given by Colby R. Rice
The Curse of Jaxx by Jay Lemming
INFINITY: A Bridger's Origin by Stan C. Smith
Capital Falling - Begins by Lance Winkless
Sanctuary's Aggression Box Set Books 1-3 by Maira Dawn
Deceived by Stephanie and Isaac Flint
Run from Ruin by Allen Kuzara
A Grave Matter by Craig A. McDonough
Spell-Bound by Clare Blanchard
Fortress Pentagon by Jason Winn
RUN by Michaelbrent Collings
LOMAX by Steve Turnbull
A History of Division - Interchron Excerpts by Liesel K. Hill
The Zombie Apocalypse Convenience Store by Taylor A Ellwood
UTOPIAS - Book 1 Preview by Don Viecelli