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True Blue Detective by Vito Zuppardo
Tupelo Gypsy by Vito Zuppardo
The Ice Maiden by Michael Saunders
The Chocolate Killer by Michael Saunders
Lure of the Riptide by Steve Turnbull
Caught Fire by Michael D. Wright
The Stolen Mother by DL Fitz
The Golem of Prague by Steven Moore
The Plastic Paradigm by Paul Stretton-Stephens
Campus Confidential by Sid Stark
Blindsided by Tom Bierdz
Song at Dawn by Jean Gill
V.E.N.O.M. by Ty Mitchell
The PAPUA INCIDENT - An Alex Hunt Adventure Thriller by Urcelia Teixeira
Bully For You by GARY KITTLE
Madman: A Diamond and Doran Mystery by Tracy  Tonkinson
She's Gone! by Lorena May
The Psychopath's Prisoner by Darla Lark
Merlot and Murder by Sandra Woffington
Savannah Sleuth by Alan Chaput
Forged in Flames by David Beckler
Money Ain't Nothing by Jason Blacker
Missing Amanda by Duane Lindsay
Prodigal by LR Stahlberg
The Roman Heir by Zara Altair
The Dead List by Martin Crosbie
If Aliens Could Swim by Chris Lewando
The Renegade Spy by Mark O'Neill
The Desert Scorpion by Mark O'Neill
Welcome to the Hotel Yalta by Victoria Dougherty
Killers, Bikers & Freaks: A Walt Asher Florida Thriller by Andrew Allan
Murder Rites by Ronald J. Yarosh
The Predator and The Prey by K.C. Sivils
On Trial by Zanna Mackenzie
Broken Protocol Conspiracy by Joseph Bendoski
When the Sky Falls by Joseph Bendoski
Best Kept Secret by Elsa Joseph
The 1922 Club Murder: A Mystery by Stacy M. Jones
Moonlight Falls (A Dick Moonlight PI Series Book 1) by Vincent Zandri
The Lost Son by Stewart Matthews
Intent: The Beginning by Krista Wagner
One Last Breath by Elleby Harper
Devil's Due by Andrew Warren
Spin Drift by Lisette Kristensen
A Trinity of Wicked Tales- Jilted by K.T. Rose
Where Are They Now: A Siya Rajput Mystery (The Siya Rajput Mysteries Book One) Preview by UD Yasha
Forgotten by Neven Carr
The Man Who Dreamed Spiders by Afshan Jaffery
Hemlock and Hedge by Ruby Loren
Worry No More by Colin Devonshire
Blood on the Motorway by Paul Stephenson
Quinn Checks In by LH Thomson
Tidal Wave by David Berens
The Kimberley Secret by Gabriel Farago
The Colombian Contract by Tomson Cobb
The Double Cross by Michael P. King
CaneDemnation by Dwayne Gill
AVENGING ANGEL by Ian Patterson
Psych Ward by E. J. Fleming
Living with Saci by M J Dees
Beginnings by Tikiri Author
The Man From Beyond by Artyom Dereschuk
Kill Switch (Book 01) by Steve N. Lee