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Phoebe by Martha Keyes
The Brides of Pecan Grove by Natasha Queen
Matchmaker by Evangeline Kelly
Unstoppable Hope by J.A. Wright
Theodore's Promise by Rose Pearson
Ninety-Nine Signs by Elisheba Haxby and Jesse Vincent
1-800-CHRISTMAS by Josie Riviera
Love in Ocean Grove by Anna Catherine Field
After the Tide (e-short) by Lindsay Harrel
Unexpected meeting by Soya Nano
Lost in Romance by Stacy Claflin
The Billionaire's Impromptu Bet by Lorana Hoopes
Mostly Perfect by Heather B. Moore
An Off-the-Court Bet by Savannah Adams
Confessions by Michelle MacQueen
Hard Bounty by Jillian Riley
Love's Sacrifice by Evangeline Kelly
Life's Forever Changed by Anne Stone
The Wedding Date by Genevieve Goodwin
Cowboys & Angels by J.A. Wright
The Wedding Planner's Second Chance at Love by Kayla Tirrell
A Catalog's Perfect Match: A Mail-Order Bride Western Romance by Bell Thompson
A Chance for Love by Reba Dalton