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Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new books. Available for free for a limited time. Join our Reader Tribe on Facebook to hang out with other bibliophiles.

Vicky vs: Spriggan by Arthur King
Anhedonia by Stevie Rae Causey
Heart of the Djinn by Lisa Manifold
Glass Heart by Laura Greenwood
The Shadow Prince Prequel Novella by Stacey O'Neale
The Best Laid Plans by K.T. Davies
Destine Academy Book 1 by Sara Snow
Blood of Vengeance by Angel Haze
So You Think Your Sister's a Vampire? by ID Johnson
The Princess and the Pawn (A Raven and Dove Prequel) by Kaitlyn Davis
Singular by Larry Buenafe
The Sphere of Infinity by Day Leitao
Fireheart by Elina Vale
Princess of Thorns Short Story by Tessonja Odette
Stone and String by Stephanie Flint
A Harvest Of Souls by C.C. Edmonston
Midwinter by Author Chad Schimke
Tomorrow's Legacy by Gail Daley
Unproven by Drew Briney
Hunting Orcs by Jeff Sabean
Candela's Revenge by Terina Adams
Bronze Dragon, A Riders of Fire prequel novelette by Eileen Mueller
Breach by Bronwyn Leroux
Fractured Past by D.E. Chapman
The Prophet of Panamindorah - Complete Series by Abigail Hilton
Death Before Dishonor by NAK  Baldron
Adolescent Love by Bantu
The Crimson Inkwell: A Gaslamp Trinkets novel by Kenneth A. Baldwin
Dullahan: The Headless Knight by M.G. Darwish
Nadia's Triumph by Thomas K. Carpenter
The Dark Days of Dmitry by Greg Cmiel
Nocturne by Natalya Capello
The Weave of Fate by S.L. Matthews
The Griffin: A Magian Short Story by MJ McGriff
Sorcery & Warlocks by Patty Jansen
The Ghosts in the Trees by MalcolmFernandesBooks
The Sword Chronicles: Child of the Empire by Michaelbrent Collings
Birth of Magic: A YA Fantasy Novella by Carol Beth Anderson
Disciples of Trikaal by Varun Sayal
Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal (Book 1) by Weiqi Wang
The Bonding: A Druid Stones Story by J.F. Danskin
The Living Stone by MB Mooney
Young Aina by Ned Marcus
Enchant: Beauty and the Beast Retold by Demelza Carlton
Dregs of the Culver Waste Book 1 - Sand and Scrap by Chris R. Sendrowski
The Wizard and Warrior by Danny F. Santos
Dark Gods 1: Take the body by Arthur King
The Knight's Secret by Jeffrey Bardwell
A Dance of Dragons: Series Starter Bundle by Kaitlyn Davis