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Rogue Stars: 7 Novels of Space Exploration and Adventure by C. Gockel
Ambassador 1: Seeing Red by Patty Jansen
Future Adventures by Patty Jansen
Anti Life by Allen Kuzara
Murphy's Star by C. Gockel
Illiya by J J Mathews
A Change in His Stars by Rae Hendricks
The Betrayal of Ka by Shea R. Oliver
The Fridgularity by Mark A. Rayner
Encounter by Phil Maxey
Justice in an Age of Metal and Men by Anthony W. Eichenlaub
Running Out of Time : The Disease by Elisabeth Martin
The Darklights by Michaelbrent Collings
Deceptive Visions by Daniel McMillan
Friendly Fire by C. Gockel
The Alien's Future: An Alien Warrior Romance by Ella Maven
The Doomed Planet by M J Dees
Negative Return by Jessie Kwak
The Vampire Assassin's Blade by Scott Baron
The Eighth Day by Joseph John
The Rogue Watcher by Seth Rain
Star Crossed by C. Gockel
The Dragons of Jupiter by Jacob Holo
L'enfer, c'est la Solitude by Joe Vasicek
Sanctuary's Aggression by Maira Dawn
Toskaheart (Travelers Series: Book 0) by Alia Hess
Combat Genesis by Misty Zaugg
Before Inferno by C. D. Tavenor
Chaos by Demelza Carlton
Kilan Saga : The Edge by Amber Allen
Starfall by Jessie Kwak
Captive by V.M. Andrews
Feed: The First to Awaken by Nicole Grotepas
A Poisoned Mind by Andre Gonzalez
Deceived by Stephanie and Isaac Flint
Outpost Delta-Three by Thomas Webb
Moonscape by Tony Harmsworth
Run from Ruin by Allen Kuzara
TWIST by J.S. Arquin
Tabula Rasa by Filip Forsberg
For Those About to Rock by N. A. Rossi
Freshman Sidekick: Origins by Ron Tucker
Mission Critical: Journey to the Red Planet by Marilyn Peake
Days Since... Tyler: Day 378 by Robert Wilson
Cerberus: Kill Order by Andy Peloquin
Infiltrator by Thomas Green
Singular by Larry Buenafe
The Gettysburg Paradox by Joe Vasicek
Speaker of Words by E.G. Stone
BestFriend by Bodhi St. John
Prometheus, A New Dawn by Nicole MacDonald
Assassin Hunter by Drew Briney
The Path by Ian Thomas Healy
Space Pirate Roberts by Jay A Toney
INFINITY: A Bridger's Origin by Stan C. Smith
Maalstrom by Glenn Lazar Roberts
Starbound by JJ Green
T'nari Blood Claim by Erin MacMichael